Norwich walking directions from Norwich Cathedral to Black Tower
1 miles, 22 mins, 108 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
1 miles 17 mins (fast) 119 Cal (fast) 0.08 kg train
1.6 km 22 mins (med) 108 Cal (med) 0.29 kg car
2225 steps 34 mins (slow) 105 Cal (slow) 0.17 kg bus
Route Map
  1. Start out along UPPER CLOSE, heading south.
  2. After 150 metres turn right onto ETHELBERT GATE, heading west.
  3. After 21 metres continue straight onto QUEEN STREET, heading west.
  4. After 57 metres turn left onto UPPER KING STREET, heading south.
  5. After 100 metres bear right onto PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, heading south.
  6. After 17 metres turn left onto AGRICULTURAL HALL PLAIN, heading east.
  7. After 9 metres turn right onto KING STREET, heading south.
    • You’ll pass ADTRADER BUSINESS FACILITY, You’ll eventually pass DRAGON HALL MUSEUM, You’ll eventually pass WENSUM LODGEpass You’ll eventually pass ST ETHELDREDA.
  8. After 1 kilometre turn right onto STEPS, heading south.
  9. After 13 metres continue onto SOUTHGATE LANE, heading south.
  10. After 100 metres continue straight onto FOOTPATH, heading south.
  11. You will reach your destination 150 metres along FOOTPATH.

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