Hull walking directions from Hull Station to The Deep
1 miles, 19 mins, 92 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
1 miles 14 mins (fast) 103 Cal (fast) 0.09 kg train
1.6 km 19 mins (med) 92 Cal (med) 0.3 kg car
2320 steps 29 mins (slow) 88 Cal (slow) 0.18 kg bus
Route Map

Note! This route includes steps.

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  1. Start out along PARAGON INTERCHANGE ENTRANCE HALL, heading east.
  2. After 36 metres continue straight onto PARAGON INTERCHANGE FORECOURT, heading east.
  3. After 32 metres continue straight onto PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, heading east.
  4. After 26 metres bear right onto FERENSWAY, heading south.
  5. After 19 metres turn left onto JAMESON STREET, heading east.
  6. After 100 metres turn right onto SOUTH STREET, heading south.
  7. After 52 metres turn left onto PARAGON STREET, heading east.
  8. After 250 metres bear right onto QUEEN VICTORIA SQUARE, heading south.
  9. After 100 metres continue straight onto PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, heading south.
  10. After 6 metres bear left onto MONUMENT BRIDGE, heading south.
  11. After 57 metres continue onto WHITEFRIARGATE, heading east.
  12. After 250 metres continue straight onto SILVER STREET, heading east.
  13. After 100 metres continue onto SCALE LANE, heading east.
  14. After 100 metres continue straight onto SCALE LANE STAITH, heading east.
  15. After 60 metres turn right onto RIVERSIDE WALK, heading south.
  16. After 250 metres continue onto STEPS, heading east.
  17. After 6 metres continue onto RIVERSIDE WALK, heading south.
  18. After 61 metres turn sharp left onto MILLENNIUM BRIDGE, heading east.
  19. After 100 metres turn right onto RAMP, heading south.
  20. You will reach your destination 46 metres along RAMP.


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