Luton & Dunstable – Dunstable Health Walk Route 2 – by alisterbarclay
2.9 miles, 58 mins, 269 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
2.9 miles 43 mins (fast) 302 Cal (fast) 0.26 kg train
4.7 km 58 mins (med) 269 Cal (med) 0.87 kg car
6720 steps 1 hr 27 mins (slow) 259 Cal (slow) 0.51 kg bus
Route Map
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Dunstable Health Walk Route 2

Luton & Dunstable

by alisterbarclay. More by this author

Can be done clockwise or anticlockwise. Can vary routes on Dog Kennel Downs across the various grass paths.

  1. Cross as a group. Can take time for lights to change. Wait for green man.
  2. Ideally cross as a group. Use central reservation as an aid. Can take time for lights to change.
  3. Use crossing. Ideally cross as a group.
  4. Grassy areas on Dog Kennel Downs can be wet and slippy. If in doubt, stick to solid paths. Various routing options here along paths.
  5. Use crossing and ideally cross as a group.
  6. Cross busway at top of Duck Bridge. Visibility good, but buses can be travelling fast. Also be aware that buses can join from Church Street also here.
  7. Be aware that F70 uses the Station Road access points to busway.
  8. Great Northern Road cross at traffic control where narrow.
  9. Various alternative routes back, ie along Lovers Lane and High Street South.
  10. Some public drinkers sometimes gather in Priory Gardens. They are mostly no bother, but there are opportunities to route around them in the gardens.
  11. Slow crossing. Have group together and wait for green man.
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