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How to Remove Your Window Screen

How to Remove Your Window Screen

The window screens are not as strong and long-lasting as the window itself. Its lifespan is determined by factors such as cleanliness, location, and exposure to the sun, rain, and other elements.

You may need to remove your window screen for cleaning or when it’s broken. However, it is not an easy task. One simple error could result in damage to your otherwise good-conditioned window screen. And you might even end up hurting yourself.

Understanding Your Window Screen

Before attempting to the removal process, you must first determine which window screen you have. Each window screen has a unique removal procedure.

The first and foremost thing you need to know is what type of window screen is yours and what is the style of your window.

Types of Window Screen

Here we have focused on the two most common styles of window screen.

  • Interior window screen: In an interior window, the window screen is fitted in the grooves around the window and the screen is held in place by tension.
  • Exterior window screen: In an exterior screen we use a plug pin system for the screen to remain in place and be hung outside the window.

Commonly Used Windows Style

Types of Window Screen

Single and Double-hung windows: Single and double-hung windows both have two sashes. The sash is operable and can move up and down to allow for better ventilation. A single-hung window has one fixed, or non-operable, sash, and one operable sash. A double-hung window has both operable sashes.

Casement Window: A casement window is any window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges. They work similarly to doors, however instead of using a knob, they use a crank.

Sliding window: When you release the lock that holds the glass to the frame, it opens from one side to the other horizontally. Unlike the Casement window, it requires no extra space to operate. 

Safety Precautions 

To save your screen, your window frame, and yourself from any potential damages. Follow the safety precautions below.

  • Avoid leaning on the window. The window screens are not strong enough to hold your balance if you lose your equilibrium.
  • Edges of window screen are very sharp cautions while dealing with it.
  • If the window screen is not coming out easily, seek professional help. 
  • If you have to pry to remove the screen use a putty knife, or butter knife. The ones that are wide and blunt.

How to Remove Window Screen

Once you have the proper understanding of the window screen and style of your window removal process is not that hard. It is slightly different for each style but can be done easily.

How to Remove Interior Window

  1. Open the window by sliding it.
  2. Look for lift tabs at the bottom of the window screen
  3. Lift tabs are usually made up of metal or plastic
  4. Pull it upward, you can see the screen lifting slightly
  5. With your left index finger apply pressure on the lift tab 
  6. And hold the bottom of the screen with your right hand.
  7. Lift the bottom of the screen out of the groove of the window
  8. Hold the screen with both your hands and pull it towards you
  9. First, slide the lower part through the opening gently
  10. You may have to tilt the screen a little through one side and get it out

How to Remove Exterior Window Screen

  1. Remove the window sash 
  2. Look for the plunger pins, they are usually at the bottom of the window
  3. Pull the plunger pin close to the middle of the window and release it
  4. Bend the window screen slightly to detach the screen from the window frame.
  5. The frame of such a screen is flexible so you can pull it through the window opening.

NOTE: Avoid leaning on the window and ensure you stand firm on the floor to avoid accidents.

How to Remove Double Hung Screen

How to Remove Double Hung Screen
  1. Open the lower sash of your window completely by unlatching
  2. Now you will see your window screen
  3. On the right side, you can see two clips or spring clips
  4. Press on spring clips
  5. On the bottom, there is a lift tab or handle
  6. Just pull the lift tab and you can see your screen being loose
  7. Slide the screen and pull it towards you

How to Remove Casement or Full Window Screen

How to Remove Casement or Full Window Screen
  1. Casement windows have a hidden mechanism, it has one side spring-loaded and the other side fixed
  2. Give a wiggle to find out which side is spring-loaded and which is fixed
  3. Push the frame on the side which is spring-loaded 
  4. Make sure you don’t push the mesh 
  5. Once you apply some force you can see the window screen coming out easily.

How to Remove Sliding Screen

how to remove sliding screen
  1. Unlock the window
  2. Slide the window 
  3. You can see the window screen 
  4. Locate the window spring on the screen 
  5. With the help of your finger push against the spring
  6. You can find the tension there
  7. By pushing on the tension you are clearing the space for the screen to move
  8. Now when the screen is a little lose press the pull tab on the bottom side
  9. Press on the pull tab and pull it upward
  10. You can see the frame coming out 
  11. Using both hands pull it towards you. 

How to Replace the Window Screen

It’s just as simple to replace the screen as it was to remove it. It will only take you 30 minutes to complete this task.

Tools Needed

  • Screen Fabric
  • Vinyl Spine
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Spline roller
  • Utility knife
  1. Start by removing the screen from the window with a screwdriver
  2. Use pliers to pry the Vinyl Spline away from the grooves
  3. Once the vinyl is completely removed pull out the old screen
  4. Fit the new screen fabric over the frame
  5. Make sure it overlaps the grooves too
  6. Cut the screen to the length with the help of scissors
  7. Use the screwdriver to press the Vinyl spline into the groove corners.
  8. Attach it to the screen
  9. With the help of a utility knife give it a tidy finish cut and remove the excess screen
  10. You have a new window screen
  11. Reinstall it back now. 


It is considered safe to remove the window screen from inside the house. And if you are doing it outside make sure your feet are firmly on the ground and balanced. Don’t try to climb your furniture to reach closer to the window screen. Apart from that removing your window screen is not that hard. You can easily do it by yourself.