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How to Not Fall Asleep in Class

How to Not Fall Asleep in Class

Believe it or not, we’ve all been there. Every student has fallen asleep in class at some point. It could be due to never-ending lectures, boring professors, late-night studying, night shift jobs, or even cozy and warm classrooms.

It can be embarrassing to nod off in front of the entire class. You can avoid embarrassment by going for a walk, concentrating on your teacher, or even mild stretching.

Still if doing these tricks does not resolve the issue. There are a few solutions that you can apply from now on.

Why Do I Feel Sleepy in Class

For some students, it is very difficult to study analytical and logical subjects. Studying needs more brainpower than any other task. When you think too hard, your brain becomes exhausted. As a result, you will feel sleepy.

Sometimes the professor is to blame. It’s possible that your professor doesn’t know how to make the class enjoyable.

If you are one of the few students who likes to chat with their friends during the lecture, you will miss a few lessons. And when you try to read again, the information at hand may be a little overwhelming. This can make the rest of the class boring.

Another reason is you don’t understand it. When you don’t find a subject interesting, you get bored. You have to practice more and more to understand the subject matter. Try understanding the base of your problem. You can always consult your teachers and friends. Also, research it online to get better results.

9 Ways To Stay Awake in a Boring Class

Follow these 9 best strategies to keep your eyes open and your mind active in the classroom.

Keep Hydrating Yourself in The Classroom

Hydrate Yourself

Always remember to bring a bottle of cool water with you. Hydrate yourself every time you feel like nodding off. Drinking water will help to boost your energy. It makes your body function well. Dehydration is one of the main reasons you are feeling tired.

Drinking water helps to properly circulate the blood flow in the body. It supplies enough oxygen throughout the body. Therefore, assisting you to actively participate in the class.

Go to Bed Early

go to bed early

Are you a night owl? If you spend your night binge-watching that never-ending series. You must seriously stop doing that if you want to actively participate in your class.

Are you studying late? Yes, it is important to get good grades. But you must not overdo it. It can be unhealthy for you. You can start making a routine and plan for every day to get that right amount of sleep.
It is the main reason you are dozing off in the middle of a lecture. Try sleeping in time daily, you will wake up the next day active. It will make you ready for the day.

Apply Deep Breathing

take deep breath

Try taking long deep breaths in from your nose and breathing out from your mouth. Normally, it helps your body to circulate blood inflow. It increases the oxygen level. Resulting in a boost in your energy. You can easily do it in the middle of the class without disturbing your classmates.

Try Chewing Gum if Allowed

try chewing gum if allowed

If allowed in your class, try chewing gum. Chewing gum keeps your mind busy and attentive. If it is not still helping to stay awake. Try some flavored gum, especially peppermint flavor. Studies have found that chewing peppermint gum makes your mood and mind alert. It can do magic if you want to stop sleeping in class.

Sit in a Good Posture

good posture

Another reason that you are feeling sleepy in class is your sitting position. If you are slouching in your seat then your body takes up more energy than usual. Try sitting straight, this will make you feel more attentive.

It is obvious that you sit in a slouched position when you get bored in your class. But guess what? Slouching makes your body feel more tired eventually making you nap like a baby.

Engage With the Teacher

engage with the teacher

Teachers love to see their students getting engaged in their class. So, why not concentrate on what your teacher is teaching? You can try asking questions if you are confused. Take important notes about the related topic.

Engaging with your teacher or even classmates can help you be busy. When engaged, you won’t have time to sleep.
On the other hand, you will clearly understand the topic. It will directly lead you to good grades.

Try Mild Exercise

try mild exercise

Mild exercises like stretching, jumping jacks and simple working out can help you stay awake in the class. The adrenaline pumps up in your system while doing mild exercise.

You can take a stroll in your leisure time. It also makes you feel refreshed. You can also do it in the middle of your class without disturbing anyone. A simple stretch does not harm your classmates. But if you feel awkward, ask permission to go out for a while. You can do it outside of the class.

Sit in Front of the Class

sit in front of the class

Sitting in the front of the classes can make you productive. If you want to excel in your academic activity, start sitting a few feet far from your teacher. By doing so, you can concentrate on what your teacher is talking about. And being in front of your teacher’s eyes would make you uncomfortable to doze off.
If you cannot sit in front of the class, try sitting in the middle.

Take a Walk After Class

Take a Walk After Class

There is never a wrong time for taking a stroll. You can feel refreshed and pumped up after a short walk. Fresh air can be beneficial for stress.

Walking helps to burn calories and can assist you to sleep well. A good night’s sleep will make you ready for the next day.

What To Eat To Stay Awake in Class

You can eat fruits filled with Vitamin C. Vitamin C has minerals and natural sugar that can keep your brain alert during classes. Guava, oranges, pineapples, kiwi, and strawberries are some of the fruits that you can consume.

You also can add potassium-filled fruits to your diet (bananas and raisins) to feel active. Food filled with protein also offers energy to the body. Whereas, you can drink green tea or plain water. It helps to circulate proper blood circulation in the body. Making the mind and body active.

How To Focus Better in Class?

You have to concentrate in the class to get straight A’s. If you are planning to be perfect in your academics. Be motivated and participate in all of your classes. Stop wasting your time watching TV and getting involved in social media way too much.

Don’t be shy to ask for help. Involve yourself in-class activities. Finish all your assignments and share your knowledge and ask questions with your peers. Cut all the unnecessary distractions that can get in your way. Eat healthily and take breaks while studying.

Start prioritizing your study and take keynotes in classes and don’t procrastinate. You should be able to maintain a schedule. Always remember to ask queries to your teachers. Discuss subject-related topics with your classmates. Don’t put pressure on yourself, you can always take a walk or watch movies to feel refreshed.

How To Pass Time in Class?

Classes can pass easily if you concentrate on the subject matter. Try taking extra notes beside what your teacher is teaching. You can also draw pictures of the subject matter. Be more attentive and try to ask questions.

If you have all the knowledge of the subject or if you find the topic easy. You can do assignments for another subject. You can also pass your time by writing poems, songs or even stories. Anyway if you cannot stand to be in the class, then you can ask for a short break and get out of the class.

How To Stop Sleeping in Online Classes?

In the case of online classes, you can do several tricks to be wide awake. You can keep the camera on while classes are going on. It will make your brain alert and you will avoid sleeping.

Drink plenty of water and eat the right amount of food. Avoid sleeping late. Participate with friends and the professor by sharing your thought on the topic.

Drink green tea and a little amount of coffee if necessary. Read and prepare yourself before the class, so that you can feel more interested and engaged in the class.


If you always feel bored in classes. Then, you can consult your teacher about it. Maybe extracurricular activities can be added in between classes. Try participating in these kinds of activities.

You can also doodle while taking notes. Let that creative side of you come out. Try to revise what you have studied the same day.

Sometimes classes can get confusing and boring if you don’t know what is going on. If you do not understand what your teacher is talking about, speak up without feeling nervous.

So, stop daydreaming in the middle of your class. This is the time when you can be productive in your academic field. If you have a goal to excel in your study. Then avoid being lazy and procrastinating. Plus try not to disturb your other classmates who are trying to concentrate.