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15 Best Ways To Make An Aries Man Obsessed With You

15 Best Ways To Make An Aries Man Obsessed With You

Is there an Aries man in your life, giving you butterflies in the stomach? Do you time and again wonder if there are any extra moves to entice him into your life? If you are smiling at these questions, you might have a burning need to make him obsessed with you, and here is good news for you- Yes, you can claim him for yourself only.

Aries men are often known for exuding passionate energy, so it might be hard for you to ignore him. So, if you are wondering the keys to reaching deep down the heart of an Aries man and making him go crazy about you, you are at the right place.

Ways to Make an Arise Man Obsessed With You

Aries signs are very competitive in nature. Just how they are the first sign of the zodiac, they always have an strong urge to be first. These sign are highly passionate, ambitious and strong-willed hence they look for the same nature in their partner. Some other qualities that gets Aries man’s attention right away and help you achieve that love power are outlined below.

Be Ambitious

You are ambitious.

Aries are ambitious and goal-oriented, and the woman of his dreams must also be so. These independent thinkers will be blown away when he finds that you are an ambitious woman with great energy for succeeding in life. Embrace those attributes in yourself and see how piques his attention towards you. 

Be a goal-oriented person, make time for your friends and family, and never stop devoting time to your other interests in life. He will be just ecstatic to be working beside such a powerful and exciting lady.

Treat Him With Respect

You treat him with respect.

Now, you may have heard about playing hard to get; it means ignoring the guy for getting him obsessed with you. Women often do so to make their men envious, but it is a wrong step to take for Aries. Sure, if he does not care about you, it’s another thing, but if he shows interest in you and you still blow him away using mean tactics, he does not like it. 

An Aries guy wants to get treated with respect. Flirting with another man or treating him cold is obviously not the way to get him obsessed with you.

Be Independent and Strong

You are independent and strong.

Being with an independent and strong woman turns an Aries man on. They are not among the guys who are intimidated by the strong ladies. They like to be a power couple with a woman who is equally driven and independent.

These guys are like the God of War, the Mars, who enjoy the thrill of going after a strong woman and love the chase for something harder to achieve. An Aries guy never likes a clingy lady who does not have her hobbies, interests, or life outside of the relationship. Freedom is equally essential for this guy. 

He will know if you share the same aims when you demonstrate that you are strong and independent on your own. Therefore, if you are a powerful lady who will not try to dominate him but think of yourself as a single strong entity, he is always there for you.

Don’t Lie or Cheat

If there is one quality, people value and seek in a companion, honesty! Aries men in a relationship are commonly known for their loyalty, and they want the same from you. This guy is not capable of forgiving or forgetting. So, to keep him obsessed with you, make sure you don’t lie or cheat in the relationship.

Possess a Good Sense of Humor

You possess a good sense of humor.

Did you know that Aries is a happy sign who loves good humor? To illustrate, if you can make him laugh and forget about his problems when you’re around him, he’ll definitely be yours for life.

These men don’t like to stay bored and value you when he realizes that he enjoys your company or feels delighted whenever you are with him. You don’t always need to be serious as he enjoys laughing as much he loves his women being smart and intelligent.

Flirt With Him Now and Then

You flirt with him a little

The sign Aries is associated with fire, sexuality, and desire. He’ll know you are a catch if you show him physical attention and a nice grin. You can attempt flirting in different ways but make sure, whatever you do, don’t go too far outside of your comfort zone. 

Being yourself will always be the first way in any relationship to make any guy obsessed with you, and if he can’t keep up with you that way, he might be wrong for you. More than this, Aries can detect uncertainty or fear if you try to be something you are not confident with. 

Be confident and go with a little sly flirtation here and there. It will entice him. Hey, you can use your body language to flirt, like giving him a warm, inviting grin or leaning towards him a little while having a conversation.

Entice Him in the Bedroom

You entice him in the bedroom.

Girls, you should know that men born under the sign of Aries are famed for their unrivaled sexuality. In bed, the Aries man is as bold and courageous as he is in other areas of his life. He has one of the most powerful sex urges of any zodiac sign.

When an Aries man decides to be with you, he’ll want to spend more time with you between the covers. However, do not feel obligated to do anything you do not want to do. As you both grow in the relationship and know each other better, it is time to embrace your sexuality. 

Don’t be shy to ask him what he enjoys, and be honest about what you desire. If you show him that you’re willing to do new things and have a good time, he’ll fall for you. 

Allow Him the Required Space

Aries males may require a little more time alone than other zodiac signs. When you want to win this man over, respect this thing about him. Be tolerant if he wants to spend a few days alone instead of consecutive dates. Try not to be too needy, no matter how much you enjoy being around him; let him enjoy some alone time. 

When given the space, he can meet his other friends, read, or do the things he enjoys for himself. He will certainly return to you after finishing whatever errands he had to run to. When he notices that you don’t mind him doing his own thing now and again, he’ll become obsessed with you in no time.

Participate in Intriguing Arguments

You participate in intriguing arguments.

An Aries seeks an intellectually compatible companion. While conversing with him, don’t hesitate to show off your quick-thinking mind. You can talk on any subject like philosophy, current debate or politics. 

Have entertaining but mentally demanding conversations on the subjects, and watch that man fall more in love with you every day. Remember that if you can keep up with (or defeat) an Aries man in an argument, he will fall head over heels for you.

Be Trustworthy and Loyal

you are trust worthy and loyal

They are very open with their emotions and sentiments and appreciate a partner they can place their trust in and who will always be there for them. If you support an Aries man no matter what, he will reciprocate by doing the same for you. 

Take Interest in Sports and Adventures

You love sports and adventures.

Do you love sports? Do you like going on adventurous trips? If your answer is yes, then it’s a brownie point for you! Aries men admire women who enjoy sports, so you already have a leg up if you participate in athletics. Be prepared that most of your weekends and dates will be filled with physical activity.

Act in a Sophisticated and Smart Way

You are smart and clever.

One true statement- Aries men, love challenges! They despise boredom and want to be with someone who can match his brilliance. When he finds that you are smart enough to hold a thoughtful conversation, it will catch his interest.

Be a striker! Try reading some books related to the genre he likes. This way, you can keep up with him, and he will know you are clever as well. However, keep in mind that he has a very fragile ego, so you’d like to keep it friendly and light.

Compliment Him Often and Serve With Sweet Gestures

You compliment him often and serve with sweet gestures.

Oh, they love compliments. Girls, if you want this guy coming back for more, don’t be shy about complimenting him about his looks or habits that caught your attention. It also includes when you tell him things like he’s attentive and sweet, believe me, he loves being seen, acknowledged, and adored.

Likewise, they adore small gestures which promote a healthy sense of self-worth inside them. When you subtly let him know that you are thinking about him despite your hectic day at work or leave those small cheesy texts for him in between, it will melt his heart, and he will be attracted more towards you. 

Get Along With His Friends

You get along with his friends.

The Aries man is one of the most outgoing zodiac signs, and he’ll most likely have a lot of friends. Make an effort to maintain a positive relationship with his buddies without putting too much effort into it. Let him know that you’re at ease with his social life and if he invites you along, be open to hanging out with his friends. 

His friends and family hold a special place in his heart, and if you can go mellow with them, you’ve already won his heart. He will feel happy that you are not scared by his outgoing personality and will feel head over heels for you.

Allow Him to Take the Lead

You allow him to take the lead.

Allow Him to safeguard you. Even though they enjoy being with strong women, they like to lead and protect you. They prefer to feel in charge and look after the people they care about. It certainly does not mean you’ll have to act like a victim- NO, this man is quickly turned off by a desperate woman.

Once dating an Aries man, you’ll realize how much he enjoys being in command and is actually good at it. Though it may sound a little arrogant, the Aries guy is a natural leader. You can make him feel like he can help you with certain stuff. He enjoys taking the initiative and may want to charge all key choices.

Related Questions

What are an Aries man’s basic traits that make this zodiac sign special? 

Aries is a very energetic and hardworking sign. They put their whole heart while doing anything and will not stop until they achieve their goals. They can thrive in the spotlight as bold, daring, and outspoken. Like his symbol, the Ram, an Aries man, will seize any opportunity to take the bull by the horns. 

The same thing also works as a negative trait for this sign. To illustrate, because they always assume they know best, these guys have difficulty compromising. Likewise, they often get into arguments due to their volatile nature.

What does an Aries man like in a woman?

Aries man likes a creative woman who loves adventure to keep the flame of love burning strong. He can also be quite traditional when it comes to women, as chivalry is not dead to him. Aries make excellent partners in partnerships since they don’t mind putting in long hours. At the same time, he admires a woman who has a good taste and knows what she is talking about.

What does an Aries man need in a relationship?

He seeks equality and desires a woman who is not afraid to express her thoughts. He admires the woman who disagrees with him when he is being unreasonable. Aries man needs a relationship where he can openly discuss anything with his partner.

How do you tell if an Aries man loves you?

You can easily spot if an Aries man loves you. This guy will never disguise his appreciation for you, nor will he hide his feelings. When he falls in love with you, he will agree with most of what you will say, and you will always be his top priority.


It could be quite difficult to compel Aries to obsess over you with all the aforementioned tips, but believe us, it is all worth the effort once he goes crazy about you. Having said this, you don’t have to do anything you are uncomfortable with. The whole point is about making him realize that you are a good fit for him.

The keynote to take home will be to charm an Aries guy matching his traits. His intelligence, as well as his confidence and zest for adventure, are among them. Once he realizes that you are the perfect woman for him, he will hover around you; always be ready to assist you, listen to your concerns, and love you more deeply!