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Most Effective Ways To Lose 10 kg- See Results in 30 days

Most Effective Ways To Lose 10 kg- See Results in 30 days

Weight loss goals are constant on our to-do lists. Especially during New Year’s resolution or summertime, weight is on our mind. Year by year, we promise ourselves to reach that goal.

How many of us follow through with the plan? Losing weight, especially 10 kg, may seem like an arduous task. But, the truth is you can achieve the goal with hard work and perseverance.

First Step to Losing Weight

The first thing about starting a weight loss journey is often overlooked. The initial thing to consider is neither diet nor exercise. It is your mindset. Ask yourself, why do you want to lose 10 kg? Is it for the right reasons? For instance, losing weight for better health or looking fit are valid reasons. But, if you are trying to emulate a particular celebrity or a model’s body, think again.

Celebrities and models have an army of experts at their side to cater to their needs. The experts work on famous people to help them achieve their ideal weight. Actors often undergo crazy weight transformations for roles. They have ace nutritionists, dieticians, and trainers to achieve their weight goals.

first step to lose weight

Sometimes, the celebs undergo surgeries to lose weight. Add to that celebrities post perfect pictures on social media. The photos may come after using considerable filters and Photoshop.

The bottom line is to make an informed choice about losing weight. Do it because you love your body and want to live a healthy life. If you take a positive mindset towards losing weight, chances are you will achieve that goal.

Dieting To Lose Weight?

Dieting is a vital part of losing weight. No need to be alarmed at the word “dieting.” It is sometimes misunderstood as starving oneself or abruptly quitting certain food items. Also, there are some unrealistic fad diet ideas of losing weight.

If you can lose 10 kg of weight within a few days or weeks, then there are high chances that the method is unhealthy. Remember, dieting should not be a phase in your life. You should actively work towards making it a lifestyle.

The realistic approach to dieting should be to gradually cut out your calorie intake. At the same time, eating a balanced diet to stay fit.

Dieting to lose weight

Dieting 101

Current Food Intake

The first step to dieting is taking a hard look at your current food intake. In most cultures, high-calorie carbohydrates like rice, white bread are significant food. You should aim to replace the high-calorie carbs with food items with low-carbs and high fiber. Such an ideal food item is oats. Also, add protein to your diet to balance things. Remember, the idea is to eat well and lose weight.

Minimize Processed

Food Junk food items and fast foods can contribute to your weight gain. The readily available food items like burger, pizza, chips, are everyone’s favorites. It can be difficult to let go of processed food. The approach is to reduce the amount of fast and junk food intake slowly. If you eat two packets of chips a day, try reducing it to one. Gradually, make it once a week and keep reducing consumption.

Do not aim to cut off your favorite junk food from your diet abruptly. Sudden denial of a particular food can lead you to burn out and quit the whole diet plan itself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself; create a cheat day for specific food items in a week. Keep in mind to eat in limits even in cheat days.

Cutting Out On Sugar

Most of us have a sweet tooth. Who doesn’t enjoy a good old bowl of ice-cream as dessert every day? But, the everyday consumption of sugary items can hinder your diet plans. And, the sweet high can also add body weight. So, go easy on your sweet tooth. You could keep small-sized toffee in your house if the temptations get to you. That way, you can fulfill your sweet craving and stay on board with the diet.

Fewer Drinks

Carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi are an irreplaceable part of our food habits. We tend to order a carbonated drink while eating our lunch. Also, alcohol intake is something we have embraced wholeheartedly. But, these drinks can hamper your diet plans. Try to minimize them as much as possible. Limit yourself to one glass. Commit to gradually reducing alcohol and soft-drink intake.

Introducing Healthier Options

When you reduce junk food and high carbs food from your diet, there needs to be healthier food as an alternative. Include leafy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli in your meal plan. Add a variety of fruits like apple, berries, and nuts in your snack menu. And, increase protein-rich food in the long term.

Healthy food option

Calorie Count

You should start counting the calories of the food you consume. Apps like MyFitnessPal, Fit Bit, and The Daily Tracker can help you track the calories. Then, start cutting out 500 calories/ day in your daily diet.

By reducing the calorie intake, we are urging our body to utilize its massive reservoir. But, do not starve yourself while lowering calorie intake. On average, women on a diet consume 1200 calories/day, while men need 1800 calories per day. Remember, it is always best to seek out a dietician or nutritionist to plan your food calorie intake.

Healthy Practices

In the age of social media, we often don’t pay attention to our food. We tend to eat food while watching TV or phone screens. While engrossed on our TV screens, one fails to notice when they are full. The habit leads the person to binge on snacks without noticing. The habit often leads to over or unhealthy eating.

You could start by establishing boundaries while eating food. Try to avoid mobile and TV screens while eating. Make it a habit to concentrate on your food while eating. That way, you’ll know when you are full. You can also enjoy your food to the fullest. Making minor changes in the lifestyle can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Healthy practices

Another healthy practice is minimizing eating out. We tend to forget our weight goals when we go out. Dieting while eating out daily can be difficult. So, practice cooking at home as much as possible. You could start inviting friends at home once in a while. A healthy cookout can be a thing among your friend circle. Encourage your friends to eat healthy with you.


Drinking water may seem like a simple thing, but it can work wonders in your diet plan. Drink 2-3 liters of water in a day. Water makes you keep unnecessary hunger pangs and do not add calories. It helps toss out toxins from your body. Try planting multiple water bottles in your work and home area. And, motivate yourself to drink water. You can add lemon and chia seeds in water to make it enjoyable. The idea is to build a solid habit of drinking water.

Meal Plan

Planning your meal can help you focus on your weight loss. Plan out at least a week of food menu beforehand. You could start planning while shopping for groceries. When you have a planned food menu, there are fewer chances of you cheating on your diet. You don’t want to slow down on your weight loss plan as you couldn’t decide what to eat at the last minute.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is eating food in ten hours and fasting for the rest. The fasting method has gained considerable popularity in recent times. You eat your breakfast at eleven in the morning, followed by light snacks in the day. Then, eat dinner at seven in the evening. After dinner, you don’t eat anything till the next morning at eleven.

The science behind intermittent fasting is to digest food in the fourteen-hours period. The method helps in increasing metabolism and reduces bloating. The idea may sound extreme, so start slow. Try out the method twice a week at first and eventually increase it. You may find it at first; it will get easier as your body adjusts to the change.

Healthy Food Plan

We have curated a list of a healthy food plan to help you lose that 10 kg weight. Feel free to add your spin to the list.

healthy food plan

After You Wake Up

Start your day with a detox drink to kick start your metabolism. Some detox recipes are as follows:

Lemon Detox: Add a half-cut lemon to a glass full of lukewarm water. You could add half a tablespoon of honey if the lemon water is sour.

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox: Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your warm glass of water as your detox drink.

Cumin-Lemon Detox: Boil a glass of water with one tablespoon of cumin seeds. Then, squeeze a half-cut lemon. You could add honey if you like.


Practice eating healthy from the start of your day. The ideal eating habit is to eat healthy food with low calories.


Oats: Oats are among people’s favorite low-calorie breakfast. It also contains high-fiber, which is good for the body. Add half a cup of oats and add a half cup of hot milk. You can add almonds and finely chopped fruits to eat with oats. Try to change the fruits every alternate day to keep it interesting.

Banana pancake: It is another healthy breakfast idea that is low-carb and gluten-free. Add two eggs and a small banana to make a batter. (You could also use a large banana and a little egg). Then, make small pancakes in mildly oil pan. A banana gives sweetness to the pancakes, so the syrup is not needed.

Omelet and Green tea: The natural ingredient in our kitchen can make the best breakfast option. An egg is an excellent example of healthy and satisfying food. It is low and calorie and provides essential protein to our body. For the recipe, take two eggs and make an omelet. You can add green tea as a drink. It helps in removing toxins in our body and aids in weight loss.

Vegetable Soup: It is an unusual choice that can work as an excellent option. You can cook up vegetables in your kitchen or make a readymade soup from the market. You can add brown bread to eat with vegetable soup.

Apple smoothie: You can bring variation in your breakfast options with apple smoothie. Blend two peeled apples and add half tablespoon honey to it.


Lunch can be tricky when you are trying to eat healthily. If you are someone who works a 9-5 job, you can be tempted to eat unhealthy in your office canteen. The best way to avoid that is to take your lunch from home. If you cannot do take food from home, try eating healthier options. Grilled or boiled food instead of fried items is great. Some lunch options are as follows:


Salmon and rice: Salmon is a good option for lunch. It is high in protein and omega-3. Plus, it helps you keep full for an extended period. You can add brown rice to make lunch last for additional time.

Egg/ avocado sandwich: An egg/ avocado sandwich is a healthy option for lunch. You can take two eggs to make an omelet and add onion, tomato to make the sandwich. Or using avocado as a paste with bread is also an option.

Boiled vegetables: Vegetables like broccoli, boiled potato, and mushroom can satisfy your hunger. You can add other vegetables of your liking to keep it interesting.

Tuna and lentils: Tuna is low on carbs and high on protein. It also tastes good. Try making tuna with moderate oil. Lentils can be a great side dish to go with tuna. They have high protein and fiber.


Snacking is very important to maintain your healthy diet. If you go on a long time from lunch to dinner, your hunger can lead you to overeat dinner. Thus, a mild snack is a good option for maintaining your diet. For meals, make dry fruits like almonds, your best friend. Try eating in moderation. You can also add healthy bars and grains to your snack options.


The last meal of your day should be a lighter one. As you don’t need much energy sleeping, you don’t need to pile on loads of dinner.


Grilled chicken and vegetables: Keep your dinner light via consuming grilled chicken. You can add vegetables like broccoli to go with grilled chicken.

Vegetable/ Chicken Soup: Another lighter option for dinner can be vegetable or chicken soup. They can make you full of adding loads of calories.

Exercise To Lose Weight

Exercising is another significant part of your weight loss journey. You need to be consistent in your exercise and fitness routine to lose weight. We have listed some exercises for you to try,

Walking: If you are just starting your exercise routine, try walking for over thirty minutes/ day. The idea is to brisk walk so that your heart rate reaches 60-70% of the maximum heart rate. When your brisk walk, you enter a moderate exercise level. Gradually, increase your walking time for the best results. Aim for ninety minutes a day.

Swimming: Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise to work on your whole body. It also helps in toning the muscles of your body. It also helps in improving your cardiovascular health and aids in weight loss.

Running: Running is another way of losing weight. It doesn’t require any equipment to go running. You can plug in your favorite music or podcast and go for a run. You could change the location to make it more interesting. A quick tip: investing in proper running shoes is a good idea.

Skipping: Skipping is an effective aerobic exercise in losing weight. Add skipping of about thirty minutes in your exercise routine.

Cycling: Cycling is another fun way to lose weight. You could be traveling to different places and lose weight at the same time. You can make a gang of friends and go cycling. It is another fun, aerobic exercise to keep your body moving.

Hiking: Exploring the river and jungles near your community is a fun way to get exercise. Start a habit of weekly hiking instead of meeting over a brunch. You could get closer to nature and lose weight at the same time.

Strength Training: Strength training involves moving your muscles against resistance. You could use dumbbell and resistance bands for the exercise. It is best to seek an expert when you start strength training. They can help you with your form and teach the correct method. 8. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) High-Intensity Interval Training is a suitable exercise to speed up your weight loss. It is an aerobic exercise done in high intensity to lose fat in less interval of time. An example of high-intensity interval training is:

Exercise To Lose Weight

  • Jumping jacks: Do the jumping jacks for ten times to complete a set. Do three sets. Then, take a thirty seconds break.
  • Knee lift: Lift the knee towards your feet for ten times for a set. Do the set thrice. After the exercise, take a thirty-second break.
  • Kickbacks: Similar three sets followed by a thirty-second break.

Take a break of one minute after three-set of exercise. Knee To Chest Jump: Do three sets of the knee to chest jump. Then, take a good two minutes break.

Mountain Climbers: Do a set for ten times of mountain climbers. Repeat the set a total of three times. You could lose 1-1.5 kg weight in a week via HIIT.

It is a scientific method. The exercise helps you lose fat in a short interval of time. To achieve the goal, you have to keep a healthy diet.

Tip: You could incorporate the above list of exercises into your daily routine. Try to alternate various activities and see what is fit for you. Try the hit and trial method before you find your ideal routine.

Hitting the Gym: If you don’t want to do the exercise in a DIY way, you could go to the gym. There certified training expert could guide you in your weight loss journey. Continue to motivate yourself to reach your goal, no matter the method you choose.

Last Words

Remember to take a break when your weight loss journey becomes intense. If you plan your diet right and exercise well, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. If you fail in one method, try another way. There is no one size fits all technique to losing weight. You need to keep trying things to find out what works for you.

The weight loss journey doesn’t need to be always painful. Keep trying methods until you find your ideal one. The idea is to love your body and work towards what is best for it. Don’t give up on yourself; keep pushing. Best of luck!


We do not claim to be an expert in the matters of dieting or exercise.  If you have an underlying health condition, you must consult the health expert. Follow the advice at your discretion.