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12 signs A Taurus Man is Using You

12 signs A Taurus Man is Using You

Someone using you could imply that you are the one putting in all the effort while your emotional needs are ignored.
It is especially true if you have fallen in love with a Taurus man. Their mysterious personality makes it tough to figure out how they feel about you.

These zodiac signs have men who are loyal and romantic lovers. However, they have a habit of putting their lover to the test and taking a long time to commit. This type of behavior can make you doubt your relationship.

If a Taurus man uses you, he will show several subtle signs. Before diving right into the action, it is a good idea to identify yourself with the characteristics of a Taurus guy.

Common Traits Of a Taurus Man

Every sun sign and planetary body has a unique way of impacting our personalities, thus showing different qualities while in a relationship. The ruling planet of Taurus men is Venus. Venus is associated with love, making him a romantic person.

  • They are known to be socially compatible, intelligent, and logical but stubborn at the same time. 
  • Taurus men are also known for their patience. 
  • They are prone to anger and lose their mind if enraged.
  • Likewise, they have a strong desire for worldly luxuries.
  • While in a relationship, they are romantic and a calm person.
  • Taurus men love the simplicity and can be remembered for their sensuality.
  • When he commits, he is fully devoted to it. 

How To Know If A Taurus Man Is Using You

Relationships can be difficult sometimes, and the Taurus guy you are dating could be toxic for you. Let’s see what characteristics a Taurus man displays if he uses you!

He Is Not Romantic

He is not romantic

It’s a sign that a Taurus man is playing if he doesn’t romance you. This person understands that going out on special dates with someone is an important part of a relationship, and he doesn’t mind doing it. A Taurus man in love pampers you in various ways to show others that you belong with him. If he shows no interest in your life, he’s probably not using you.

Forgets Important Details About You.

He doesn't remember important details related to you.

The romantic nature of a Taurus man induces him to remember small stories or details about you if you were in a loving relationship with him.
But a man who only uses you in the name of a relationship does not care to remember any quirks related to you or the bond you are sharing. If you remind him of basic aspects of your relationship, it’s a clear sign that he’s not emotionally invested in you.

Rushing Through the Relationship

He is rushing through the relationship.

Taurus males are sensual, passionate, and even seductive. They are known for taking things slowly to appreciate everything fully. While on the other hand, it will be the exact opposite if this man is playing you.

In that situation, he’ll be in a rush after meeting you and want physical intimacy. In addition, they are self-centered in bed. Your needs and desires will be secondary to him.

Inconsistent With You

He is inconsistent with you

Is it difficult to get in touch with him? Taurus men are generally nice to the woman they enjoy spending time with and will go to great lengths to please them. They will return your calls and texts as soon as possible.
A Taurus guy ghosting you and then reappearing depending on his mood is a red flag! He uses you if he insists on having his way with everything and does not prioritize you.

Never Gets Jealous

He never gets jealous

When a Taurus guy is in a relationship, he shows jealousy. He will get angry even when other men express interest in you. Well, it’s no surprise that the Bull is Taurus’ symbol! But when he is using you, he is not envious at all.

His Body Language Is Changed

His body language is changed

A Taurus man who is genuinely interested in you will not be able to hide his body language. They have a physical and sensitive nature. If he stays distant most of the time and only gets close for sexual needs, it’s a sign that he doesn’t see a future with you and is only putting forth minimal effort.

He Often Criticizes You

He often criticizes you

Is it common for your Taurus man to let you down? If yes, it is one sign that he is taking advantage of you. We accept one‘s flaws as a part of our relationship when we are in love. When someone is just using you, however, our flaws irritate them.
Most of the time, this guy will make offensive comments or insult you in front of others. These indicators point to the fact that he uses you as a tool.

He Doesn’t Plan a Future With You.

He doesn't plans future with you

When a Taurus man tells you he doesn’t see a future with you, it’s because he doesn’t want to waste his time with you. He doesn’t want to be attached to you once he’s certain. As a result, if he’s using you, he’ll never talk about his plans or you’re a part of them.

Does Not Open Up to You

He does not open up to you

Suppose he avoids personal questions and refuses to discuss important topics. This behavior means he has no interest in your life. So if you start sharing something important with him, he will avoid you. He’ll try to keep things as simple as possible when using you.

Talking With Other People Romantically

He is talking with other people romantically

Is he still talking about his ex a lot? Or have you had the impression that he sees someone else besides you? It’s possible, given that he’s only playing you for amusement.
The first step if you suspect something like this is to confirm it. Once it’s established, there’s nothing else to think about! Be direct and confront rather than being confused about this guy.

He Doesn’t Gift You

He doesn't gifts you

Taurus men are very thoughtful when it comes to providing presents. Even if it is not expensive, they take significant value when gifting a present to their loved ones. If he is romantically involved, every present you offer him would be meaningful.

Giving gifts is their love language. Even not on a daily, if you do not receive gifts from him on meaningful dates like birthdays or anniversaries. The Taurus guy is playing mind games with you.

Things To Do If You Find Out A Taurus Guy is Using You

It isn’t easy to break up with a partner who isn’t interested in you. However, it would be best to move on for your overall health. A few suggestions may be of assistance to you during this process!

  • Recognize that this will be a time-consuming task: Nobody enjoys being hurt and wishes it would end soon. Recovering from a toxic relationship takes time. So take your time and feel all of your emotions as they arise.
  • Don’t be manipulated: The person who used you may try to keep you in the relationship by manipulating you further. As a result, tell him that you have ended it on your end and that he should not contact you again.
  • Stay away from the guilt trips: If you want to avoid the guilt trips, make sure you avoid him altogether. Don’t blame either of you; instead, focus on the positive. Learn a lesson out of the partnership.
  • Allow yourself some breathing room: It’s crucial to put some distance between yourself and the other person. Allow yourself some time to adjust. If you happen to run into them, strike up a casual conversation.
  • Move on: All of the above advice helps you to move on. Look forward to the better things life offers, and let go of old grudges.