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How to Hide Tv Wires Without Cutting Walls

How to Hide Tv Wires Without Cutting Walls

Televisions play a special role in every household. It is a source of information, humor, and a reason for family time in many homes.

Due to its importance, most households deck out their room TV with cool interiors. However, when everything else looks classy, some wires sticking out from the TV can ruin the aesthetics.

If you face a similar problem and do not want to shoulder the burden of cutting the walls, we have created a recommended list of surefire ways and DIY methods below to hide Tv wires.

How to Hide Tv Wires Without Cutting Walls

We have listed some recommended ways to make this possible. Please note that all alternatives listed may not be applicable for everybody, or slight adjustments may be needed according to the room.

We recommend choosing ones that fit your need and budget or using multiple alternatives in combination.

 Use Cord Clips to Tuck Away Wires on Furniture

As the name suggests, these products hold single or multiple wires to whatever they are attached to. This product is recommended for TVs set up on tables, units, or mantles where the wires are sticking out.

The goal is to gather all wires and hide them using the furniture. Run the wire through the back of the table or unit and clamp the wires together using the cord clip. If the TV is plugged in at the bottom of the wall, run the wires along the legs of the table.

These cord clips are not very expensive and typically range around $5 to $15 depending on the number of clips on the pack, brand, etc. We may need to screw, nail or use adhesive of the clip to stick on the surfaces. We recommend using adhesive ones to reduce the chances of damage to the furniture.

In terms of capacity, there are variations in the market where clips hold one singular cable or can hold multiple cables.Cord Clips to hide TV wires

Use Cable Raceways Kits

These are long pieces of plastic that can be mounted on the walls to hide the wires to give off a neater look. We can get ones that lock into place completely or ones that do not lock (J-Style Raceways).

This product is available at different widths, lengths, and price points. They typically range from $10 to $25 depending upon brands, length, width, etc.

Please note that these kits will hide the wires, but we will see the raceway kits on the wall. Generally, they come in black or white. Many DIYers paint over the kit with the wall color to mask the color of the raceway kit.
cable raceways

Use Zip/cable Ties to Not Let Wires Touch the Floor

TV wires generally tend to be lengthy. In most instances, when the power socket is near, the wires can look cluttered.

Zip/ Cable Ties serve two purposes. They can help tie the cluttered wires into loops to reduce the length, and when you tie the cables tight enough at the back of the TV, the slack suspends there, hiding the wires.

If the TV is on a unit table, tie the excess wires and hide them behind the unit.

When the TV is mounted on the wall, tie the slack in wires and hide it behind the TV itself. This method will work when the socket itself is behind the TV; else, use a combination of Raceway kits stated above with zip ties to get the desired result.

Zip ties are extremely cheap. They typically range from $3 to $10, depending upon the number of pieces in the pack.Zip Ties to Tie Excess Tv wires

Use Cable Management Boxes

These boxes provide an excellent hiding spot for many cables.

When we install a TV in our home, it’s not just the TV wires we have to hide. We use cable boxes, Internet TV boxes, recorders, TEVOs, etc.

If we have the TV on a stand on top of a TV unit, table, other decors, then this will work perfectly to hide multiple wires inside the box giving the TV area a clean look.

Please note that we can hide more wires if the box is near the TV. Further, the distance, the harder it will be to hide wires via box.

If you have decors, tables or units, try running the wires inside or along with the unit from the back. End the wire at the box for the cleanest look.
Cable Management Boxes

Mount Panel Board Cabinets

This type of wall decor is the best way to hide wires and create additional space for people with a budget.

We buy or build a cabinet and mount it to the wall. On the top surface of the cabinet, we mount the TV. The inside of the cabinet acts as a place to hide all the wires.

So, we can open up the decor like a kitchen cabinet. The only difference is that a TV is mounted on the door part of the cabinet.

If you have experience with woodworking, check out the picture below to get an idea of it or hire a professional.TV wall Cabinet

Mount Simple Panel Boards on the Wall

 A Wooden platform between the wall and the TV is mounted. We can drill small holes on the panels to get the wires behind the board. In short, we can neatly tuck away wires between panel and wall.
Wall Panel Board to hide TV wires

Attach Baseboard Raceways Accessories

If we have wires running along the bottom of the wall through the room, then get some baseboard accessories.

These cable management clips are baseboards accessories with a hollow space inside to run the wires. They can be mounted on our existing baseboards.

They give you an aesthetic look for the room and conceal the wires between the board and the wall. The price for these products generally starts from $10 to $15. The price will depend on the length of the accessories we need.baseboard accessories to hide tv wires

Hide Wires With Cable Management Tubes or Sleeves

These wire management sleeves are shaped like a tube or form a tube shape to hide wires when used.

Use Fabric Cord Management Sleeves

Think of this as a jacket for all your TV-related wires. Just pop them into the jacket and let it be. It looks better than stray wires sticking out all around.

We will see the fabric, but it looks neater in general. An advantage of using this option is the range of color options. It can range from normal materials to Velcro options.

The price for these sleeves generally starts from $8 to $10.
Fabric Sleeve to Hide Wires

Use Split Wire Loom Conduit

These types of sleeves both hide the wires and provide protection. These tubes will wrap the cables into a single sleeve. These tubes are generally made from polyethylene.

The prices generally start from $12 to $15.
Cable Conduit to hide TV wires

Masking & Painting With Duct Tape

This method is a cheap DIY. Use duct tape and tape the wires on the wall. Once done, paint the duct tape the same color as the wall.

This process will mask the TV wires, but a downfall is that you will see the taping if you stand close enough to the wall.

Use Tv Décor / Mantle / Bespoke Furniture

We can purchase TV units & stands that add an aesthetic value to the room TV area and act as a hiding spot for wires behind the unit.
TV Unit to hide wires

These TV stands generally start around from $60 to thousands of dollars. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but we highly recommend a simple TV stand for every household in the worst-case scenario.

If there is a budget, make some bespoke furniture’s specifically made for that room. You can customize as many spaces as possible to hide the wires.

Plan and tailor some furniture for the TV section if the room is just being built.

There are also options for creating electronics integrated bespoke furniture that houses sockets and spaces to hide wires.

Mask Wires With Fabric Walls / Wallpaper

Many of us attach the wires along the wall with adhesive and cover it with a fabric wall or Wallpaper. The TV goes above the Wallpaper, giving it a clean look.

The prices for these wallpapers start from $15 to $25.
wallpaper to hide tv wires

Hide Wires With Wooden Frames / Trimmings on Mantles

These artistic frames look cool near the mantle fireplace. If you have a mounted there, we can hide the wires inside these hollow frames to give off a clean look.

Hide the Wires in Plain Sight

If DIY is not an option, we recommend hiding the wires at least in plain sight. Use artificial plants, books, lamps, anything that can hide the cables.

Make Wall Art With Wires

When you cannot beat them, join them. For those with an artistic knack for design, many TV owners have silhouettes with the excess slack from tv wires.

Get hold of your creative side and, with the help of a little adhesive, create art at almost no cost to bear.wall art to hide tv wires