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5 Best Ways To Properly Clean Makeup Sponges

5 Best Ways To Properly Clean Makeup Sponges

The Makeup sponge absorbs not only makeup but also faces oil, pollution, and dead skin cells. It might be the reason your beauty blender lost its original color and turned into a color you cannot identify.

Dirty makeup sponges can cause break-outs and other skin issues. It is vulnerable to those who have sensitive skin. That’s why you have to be consistent and clean the sponge frequently. If you rarely apply makeup, then cleaning it once or twice a week is also fine.

How To Clean Makeup Sponges

Wash The Makeup Sponge With a Mild Liquid Soap

Wash The Makeup Sponge with a mild liquid dish soap

It is a budget-friendly and easy method to clean your beauty blender. You need a bar soap or a liquid of mild soap and warm water which is accessible in your household. Anti-bacterial soap is a better option.

  1. Fill a cup with warm water: Use warm rather than cold water when cleaning. Warm water will immediately cleanse the dirt. It will also kill the bacteria stuck in the beauty blender.
  2. Rub mild soap against the sponge: After you wet your sponge, pour any liquid soap onto the sponge. Squeeze it and dip it into the water and again lather some soap onto it. You can also use bar soap.
  3. Rinse it with clean water: You can rinse it with clean water after that. Remember to squeeze it until the soap has left the sponge. Avoid squeezing it too hard.
  4. Repeat the process until it is clean: If you find some stain and makeup residue in the sponge. You can repeat the process and clean it until it looks brand new.

Soak Your Makeup Sponge Overnight

Soak Your Makeup Sponge Overnight

This is another useful method to get the stubborn makeup out of your sponge. Prepare your sponge for an overnight bath if you cannot recognize its color anymore. It is better to soak the beauty blenders in warm water. It will kill bacteria and germs.

  1. Prepare soapy water: Choose a container that can hold your beauty blender and water. You can use liquid soap or any bath bombs to make a solution. Be sure to use warm water.
  2. Put the beauty blender into the water: After the solution is soapy, put your beauty blender into it. You can rub it with soap if the stains are stubborn and soak it again. Soak it for about 30 minutes or you can soak it overnight for better results.
  3. Rinse it the next day: Rinse it with running water the next day. Remember to wash off the remaining soap out of the beauty blender.

Soak Your Makeup Sponge in Oil

Soak Your Makeup Sponge in Oil
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Olive oil, baby oil, or coconut oil, if you have any one of these oils in your home then try washing your sponge with it. Oil has the ability to remove stains stuck onto the beauty blender. You will need oil, soap, and water to complete this process.

  1. Add some oil to a bowl: Use any oil and pour a small amount into a bowl. Coconut and olive oil is preferable.
  2. Dip the beauty blender into the bowl: Dip the sponge into the bowl and squeeze it until the foundation has come off. This process can take off any makeup residue that is on your sponge.
  3. Put the sponge into another bowl of soapy water: After all the stains have come out. Again put the sponge into another bowl of soapy water solution. This step is necessary to remove oil and thoroughly clean your sponge.
  4. Rinse it: Finally, rinse the sponge with clean and running water. And don’t forget to air dry it.

Wash Your Makeup Sponge in Washing Machine

Wash Your Makeup Sponge in Washing Machine

This method can be handy if you have lots of makeup sponges. Throw all the dirty sponges and clean them all at once.

  1. Collect all the dirty sponges: Gather all the dirty sponges and put them all together in a sock or mesh bag. You can clean the sock and mesh bag too in the process.
  2. Throw them in the washer: Use mild detergent and a beauty blender cleanser and run the washing machine. Turn the machine into a gentle and extra rinse cycle. It would be perfect if the water temperature is warm too.
  3. Air dry them: Avoid drying the beauty blender in the dryer. Hang them in the sun or air dry them.

Clean Makeup Sponge in Microwave

Clean Makeup Sponge in Microwave

You can easily get rid of the stain in your makeup sponge by putting it in the microwave. The heat in the microwave kills the bacteria attached to the sponge. You have to do it with extra precautions. Avoid putting the sponge directly into the microwave. You don’t want the beauty blender to burst into pieces. Instead, put the sponge into a bowl of soapy solution of dish soap and water.

  1. Make a soapy solution: Add liquid soap or detergent to the water and make a soapy solution out of it. Use a microwave-friendly bowl that fits well.
  2. Place the beauty blender in the solution: Place the sponge in the water and remember to get it. Avoid putting the beauty blender in the microwave. It might explode.
  3. Set the timer: After putting the bowl into the microwave, set the timer for thirty second or a minute. Setting for more than 1 minute boils up the water and will damage the beauty blender.
  4. Cool and rinse it: Take out the bowl and cool it. After it has cooled down, rinse the sponge with water. Softly squeeze or rub the blender in the hand if any stains remain. And finally, try to let air dry it.

When To Know Your Makeup Sponge Needs a Replacement

Everything has a lifespan. Yes, your beauty blender also has its own expiry date. Beauty blenders usually last from 3-6 months according to how you treat them.

There are other signs your beauty blender can show if it has aged. The main indications are:

  • The shape of your sponge is not as it used to be.
  • It is not very comfortable when you apply your makeup. It has lost its magic.
  • If you are getting random acne and breakouts out of nowhere. In that case, your dirty makeup sponges can be the reason behind it. And you need to replace it and buy a brand new one.
  • If you can’t remember the color of your makeup sponge. When your sponge gets to the point that its color is different from when you bought it. Then, you have to get to the cosmetic store and get yourself a new one.
  • No matter how many times you wash and clean them if the stains do not seem to go away.
  • The beauty blender is shredding into pieces.

How To Dry And Disinfectant Makeup Sponge

Dry your makeup sponge with a towel. Wrap it around a dry towel and squeeze the remaining water if it has any. Avoid putting them in the dryer. Dry the makeup sponge in the sun afterward. It is a quick way to dry it. It also kills the bacteria build in the sponge.

Dry your makeup sponges in a ventilated area. Never toss your sponges in a makeup bag or box. Lack of ventilation can be the reason behind bacteria growth in the beauty blender.

As for disinfecting the makeup sponge, use antibacterial liquid soap to clean it. You can also put it in a microwave for a minute. Remember to put the sponge in a bowl of clean water before putting it in the microwave. You can also boil the beauty blender in the water to disinfect it. Do it for 3-5 minutes. And your makeup sponge will be bacteria-free.

Never use harsh liquids like alcohol in the beauty blender. It will damage the sponge. As well as your skin.

Is It Better To Apply Foundation With a Sponge Or Brush?

The majority of people are confused between a makeup brush and a sponge when it comes to applying foundation.
Most beauty experts recommend using blenders for the best application of foundation and concealers. It gives a flawless finish as it pushes the cream to its best making it look natural.
However, it soaks up half of the foundation if it is a liquid foundation. On the other hand, a makeup brush is better to apply eye shadows.

It is highly recommended to wet your sponge before applying foundation to your face. Using a dry sponge will not help to apply the foundation fully as it will eat up half of the foundation. Dip your beauty blender in the clean water and squeeze liquid before applying to get a perfect look.

Bottom Line

When it comes to cleaning makeup sponges, the above methods are reliable and efficient. You can easily do it with tools available in your household. But avoid washing it with a harsh cleaning agent and bleach. It will decrease its lifespan.

When you notice the beauty blender is falling apart and crossed its use for more than three months. It is time to visit the nearest cosmetic store. And buy yourself a new one.