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How to Be a Better Lover and Level Up Your Relationship to New Heights

How to Be a Better Lover and Level Up Your Relationship to New Heights

Love isn’t just about romantic gestures and pleasant tales. It’s about bringing happiness to the one you truly love via acts of sacrifice, fortitude, faithfulness, acceptance, care, and love itself.

It’s easy to fall in love but hard to keep on loving someone when you know the flaws of your partner. Down the lane, it is not always going to be easy. Some days you will be on cloud nine and sometimes it might hurt like hell. At times it might look like it is impossible to show affection, to embrace one’s faults. You are going to find yourself questioning your partner and relationship too.

Well, all the ups and downs, fights, and pain are part of the relationship. And if you are willing to work on your relationship by overlooking the small flaws. You want to better yourself and your relationship as you have started noticing the love inside you is dying out and want to spice up the connection with your loved ones. Here are things you can do to spark your relationship.

How to Be a Better Lover

A better you always attract a better someone so it is best to work on yourself first. Once you are clear on your thoughts you can work to better and level up your relationship. Here are things you can do to spark your relationship if it has lost the charm which was there in the first place.

Small Things Matter

Small Things Matter

People often ignore simple facts for a healthy relationship to know each other better. While it’s impossible to know what your partner is thinking, you will learn about their habits with time. Habits like drinking water only from the glass or touching hair while getting nervous. Knowing this, you will realize how easy it is to fall in love when you know how they feel about you and how you feel about them. You might sometimes unintentionally hurt your partner and s/he doesn’t want to tell. Taking hints of such sort will help you to support your partner emotionally.

Spend Time Together

spend time together

Birthdays and Anniversaries come once a year so remember to make those moments magical. Along with that, Spending time with your partner’s friends and families makes you socially acceptable in your partner’s life. In western society, we do not only get married to our spouse, we get married to their whole family circle. Make new memories along the way and cherish them. Bad memories are also important for your relationship to grow and learn. Try to steal the little moments and make the most out of them.

Communicate Often

Communication is the key and everybody knows that but once you are in a long good conversation, you’re in a peaceful mental state. Don’t just listen, connect with every word your partner has to say. Communication has to be felt and enjoyed. Talk about dreams, goals, and the future, because people with passion have something to offer. Also, listen for advice because it’s not just you, it’s both of your future you are planning. Sort things out and see what holds the high priority among you two. 

Do Not Sacrifice Your Dignity

To look for a partner is to see if we are compatible with each other or not. Nobody is perfect, so you have to work things out by measuring the worth of things you can leave for the health of your relationship. Being in a relationship is a constant change in your values and principles. Some might be toxic to both of you and some are beneficial. By breaking and bonding, we mold into something acceptable to both. That is how relationships are built.

But leaving your self-respect and dignity is unacceptable in my book of love. How can you love someone if you cannot love yourself? Believe in yourself. Although we are just drifting wanderers who happen to collide in some chapter of life, If you think you collide in a beautiful moment and want this to happen for the rest of your life, by all means, go for it! Lift your spirit! Let that spark turn into love but don’t let them burn you out into depression.

Embrace Your Partner’s Love

Embrace Your Partner's Love

A sensual touch or a playful pinch helps a long way to keep that feeling growing. Intimacy does not just stay in bed because feeling sexy is involuntary. This body demands to be felt so carry your partner or jump on the back of your man. Do things that speak volumes of love through touch. Cuddle with your partner with every chance of privacy and you will find comfort in the arms of one another. Appreciate the little things they do. Don’t take the effort they put on for granted no matter if it’s a big or small effort. Don’t fantasize too much and ruin the reality. 

Sort Out the Misunderstanding

Sort Out the Misunderstanding

We tend to walk away when times get rough when we are needed the most. Being in a relationship is a responsibility but we often regard love as fun and games. Besides love, we have got other problems of our own. When we start sharing love, we start sharing problems too. These are the times we know that we have to step up even if we are not ready.

You might think it’s not your problem to solve and you should not interfere if your partner doesn’t like you to. However, you need to think far ahead to not let that problem interfere with your love life. Holding on to problems without any clear indication of a solution will only deteriorate one’s mental health. Keep that in mind.

Be Vulnerable if Needed

 Be vulnerable if needed and let your partner be so too. We all have tough times, and we all feel things. Even though our society has taught men to mask their emotions and they are often criticized when they turn vulnerable. That’s not how it should be. Rise above that conservative thinking and remember we all are humans full of emotions at the end of the day. So it is okay to break down, to be vulnerable, to feel things certain things. Let your emotions out, and let your partner know that s/he is the world to you. We are more human when we are vulnerable. Revealing our fickle side that no one has seen confesses trust.

Put Effort on Things That Matter

Put Effort on Things That Matter

People love it when their partner puts effort into a relationship. Make it work. Don’t worry about the result, keep on putting in a small effort. It is always the small effort like listening to them when they need you, being there for them, and taking time to make their favorite that will make a big difference. Avoid doing things that might cause problems in your relationship or have become a matter of issue in the past. 

Be Patient With Each Other

Be who you are and let those feelings flow from you to your partner. Let your partner know that s/he is loved and you too will be loved in return. These are ways to keep your flame of love burning every time it tries to diminish. With time, you will know the good, bad, and ugly sides of one another. To be a better lover is not to ignore the bad side but to embrace with good. Accepting one another and setting milestones with memories is what love is all about. 


To maintain the luster of your relationship, you must first improve yourself, then progressively focus on improving your partner. Then you both need to work on your relationship. There is no way you can do this alone. You can work on yourself to make a better person but for a better relationship you and your partner both need to work equally.