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COREtec Flooring Reviews – Installation, Price & Cleaning

COREtec Flooring Reviews – Installation, Price & Cleaning

COREtech is a brand currently owned by the Shaw industries with patented technology for luxury vinyl floorings and tiles. These vinyl floorings are alternatives to our traditional wooden, tiled floors.

COREtech Flooring provides beautiful aesthetic waterproof vinyl flooring options with an installation process that is so easy; anyone can fit them.

COREtech has divided its product into five categories:

  • COREtech Original
  • COREtech Wood
  • COREtech Stone
  • COREtech Pro
  • COREtec Advanced +

What Is COREtech Made Up of?

The flooring is a combination of many layers. The cores of these products are generally made up of recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC.

Original Category

The products in this category are made up of five different layers. 

  • The original category products have a UV acrylic layer to protect our floors from stains.
  • A wear layer protects the product from scratches.
  •  A luxury vinyl design layer is given for aesthetics.
  • The main COREtec core keeps the product waterproof and doesn’t allow a dimensional change in the future.
  • Its signature cork underlayment is made to absorb sound and block noise.

Advanced + Category

The advanced + category of products comes with five layers of protection.

  •  It has a proprietary coating that protects our floor from stains and scratches.
  •  The design layer gives off a matte finish.
  • The main mineral core doesn’t allow the product to change dimension as years pass on.
  • The balancing layer provides extra stability.
  •  It has COREtech signature cork underlayment that blocks out noise and cold.

Stone Category

The stone category products come with four layers of protection.

  • The proprietary coating protects our flooring from scratches and stains.
  • The design layer brings finishing and aesthetics to the product.
  • The main dense mineral core does allow the product to change dimension and keeps it waterproof.
  • The COREtec signature cork underlayment blocks any noise or cold.

Wood Category

The products in the wood category have four layers.

  •  The UV Matt finish protects our flooring from stains.
  •  There is also a layer of actual timber to bring authenticity to the product.
  •  The main dense core makes the product waterproof and doesn’t allow the product to change dimensions.
  • The cork underlayment blocks noise and cold from the room.

Pro Category

These products in this category have six layers of protection.

  •  It has a UV Acrylic finish to protect from scratches and scuffs. 
  • The wear layer protects the flooring against stains.
  • The design layer gives off that luxury finish.
  •  It has a Dense SPC core to make the product waterproof and save the flooring from any dents.
  • The balancing layer provides extra stability.
  • The COREtech cork underlayment layer blocks out the noise and cold.

COREtec Flooring Price

COREtec has many categories of products, and the prices range according to the type it’s in. Expect to spend from $5.19 to $11.79 per sq ft when buying these products.

The flooring planks or tiles range from 28 to 73 inches in length, whereas the width ranges from 4 to 19 inches.

Product CategoryPrice Range
Original$7.49 to $10.79 Per Sq ft
Advanced +Around $9.89 Per Sq ft
StoneAround$10.49 Per Sq ft
Pro$5.69 to $8.49 Per Sq ft
Advanced +Around $11.79 Per Sq ft

The COREtec pro, advanced +, and some of the original products would be the best choice in terms of affordability.

Please note the pricing that we get for this product online or through the retailer stated above is only for the product itself.

These prices do not include other variables like labor cost, shipping cost, or optional trimmings. The prices above are subject to change according to company policy.

It’s always best to check their official sites for any price change before buying the product.

COREtech Warranty

COREtech warranties are product-specific. The residential warranty typically ranges from a limited lifetime to a limited 25 years warranty. The commercial warranty ranges from 5 to 15 years.

COREtec also provides other warranty forms like pet-proof, waterproof and structural warranties.

It’s best to check the warranty Coretech flooring on their official website before purchasing the product.

Where to buy COREtech Flooring

COREtech has a lot of white-gloved retailers to sell their products. It also sells its products through Shaw flooring networks. On top of that, it has other authorized dealers within its selling program. Check out the nearest store through their retailer’s section.

Installing COREtec Flooring

 Before starting with the exact installation process, we need to get some tools and understand some considerations for these products. 

 General Tools to Get for the Installation Process

  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • Jigsaw
  • Tapping Block & Rubber Mallet
  • Pull Bar
  • Spacers of either ¼ or ½ inch
  • Safety glasses
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • T square

Category Specific Tools

  • We will need a saw (Masonry blade), Guillotine-styled flooring cutter, trowel, and a roller for the COREtec wood.
  • We will need a saw (Masonry blade), Guillotine-styled flooring cutters for stone flooring categories.

Things to Consider Before Installation

ConsiderationsOriginalProAdvanced +Wood Stone
Spacer RequirementsFor areas<2500 sq.ft, use ¼ inch gaps.
For areas>2500 sq. ft, use ½ inch gaps.
For areas<2500 sq.ft, use ¼ inch gaps.
For areas>2500 sq. ft, use ½ inch gaps.
For areas<2500 sq.ft, use ¼ inch gaps.
For areas>2500 sq. ft, use ½ inch gaps.
¼” perimeter spacing between the perimeter wallsFor areas<2500 sq.ft, use ¼ inch gaps.
For areas>2500 sq. ft, use ½ inch gaps.
Installation temperature requirements55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit
Post-installation for temperature requirements32 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (only allowed for floating doors not glued down installations)-25 to 155(only allowed for floating doors not glued down installations) 32 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (only allowed for floating doors not glued down installations) A yearly room temperature of 70° F and a humidity range of 35-55% is recommended. ​55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit

COREtech Floatation Installation Method     

  • Choose an end of the room and start from the left to the right.
  • After we lay our first plank, take the short end of the second plank, and lock it in with the tongue and groove. Angle it slightly while locking in around 33 degrees. 
  • Do not forget to install a spacer at the short and long end to separate planks or tiles from the wall.   
    spacers for floorings    
  • Continue the process for the first row. We might have to cut the end tile to fit it into place. We can use the excess piece for the second row.
  • The leftover piece must be no less than 8 inches. If the piece isn’t of that size, take a new plank or tile and cut that into an 8-inch piece.  8 inch overlap
    Remember that we are attempting an offset pattern to mimic natural wood while using planks.
  • In the case of tiles, the excess piece should be half of the tile; else, break a new one. We are trying to mimic a brick-laying look, and the sizes need to be perfect.
  • There must be at least a 20 cm distance between end joints and the adjacent row. For Tiles, the requirement is 30 cm. 
  • Once the second row has started, remember to lock the length side of the plank on the previous row using the same angled way we did with the short end.
  • After the tongue and groove are locked, use the tapping block with a rubber mallet to fully seal it. There shouldn’t be any gaps seen.rubber mallet
  • We can also use a scrap piece to bridge the gap at the end of the planks. The goal should be to lock these planks from both length and breadth sides.     
  • For final pieces of planks or tiles from both the length and breadth side of the room, use a pull bar to lock those into place.  pull bar
  • For doors, cut the planks to slide freely underneath the door frame. Remember that there needs to be at least 1 cm of space between the subfloor and the framing.cutting coretec near door

COREtech Glued Installation Method:

  • Select a wall to start.
  • Start measuring out from the wall and at each end of the wall. The measure should be the width of two flooring planks with the tongue while considering the spacing needed. Refer to the above chart for spacing requirements.
    Start measuring wall
  • Create a chalk line from these points that are exactly parallel to the wall.
  • These lines should have a straight edge as they will be the guiding lines for the rows of planks. We can also use a straight piece of lumber or the planks themselves.
  • Now use our trowel and start spreading the adhesive. Angle the trowel at an average of 45 degrees while doing so. Remember to apply a little bit of pressure on the towel to leave some adhesive ridges on the substrate with little adhesive left between ridges.
  • Spread the adhesive from the chalk line drawn earlier and spread it straight out to the width of the two planksadhesive layering.
  • Start to install the first row along the line.
  • The tongue of the planks should face our starting wall.
  • Be extra careful aligning the planks as misalignment can create end gaps in the next rows. Once this is done, move on to the next row.
  • Once two rows are done, spread adhesive to 2 or 3 feet wide across the length of the room; we need to do these rows under the 30-minute mark as the bond will start drying.
  • Continue installing the plank while placing tongues of the plank into the grooves of the installed boards. Also, remember to press the planks into the adhesive. Try to maintain a six-inch space between end joints.install coretech wood
  • When we reach the end, it may be needed to cut the width or length. Be sure to cut it, remembering the expansion space required from the wall to the planks. Once the final cuts are done, place the last planks on the floor.
  • Use the roller to ensure the adhesive has stuck well with the planks. The roller shouldn’t exceed the weight of 70 kg.
    roller on coretech wood
  • Remove any adhesive on the top of the planks with mineral spirits on a cloth. Using a urethane adhesive, we can get the specific urethane remover.
  • Do not let anyone enter the room for about 6-8 hours. We can only insert furniture into the room after 24 hours.

Expansion Spacers While Installing COREtech Floors

COREtech products may or may not change dimensions as time passes by, but buildings do. Our building structures have slight movements according to temperature or issues in the foundations. Due to this, the building structure materials can move, expand, or even contract.

The spacers ensure the expansion or contraction doesn’t break the COREtech floorings.

How to Clean COREtec Vinyl Flooring?

We have completed the hardest part of the process. Now all we must do is maintain the floorings. Follow the tips below to retain the visuals of these vinyl flooring for a long period.

Remove Any Layers of Construction Residue Immediately After Installation

Follow the steps above while also considering the things below.

  • We do not recommend handheld bristled scrub pads. They might damage the visuals of the floors as there won’t be uniformity in the scrubs.
  • The company advises on an MA10 Clark scrubber if we are willing to spend. But those cost from $1000 to $1500. That is a lot of money to spend on a scrubber.
  • When cleaning the flooring, use cleaning products that are PH neutral. Using detergent or acid-based cleaning products is an absolute no. We can use Encore Cleaner on all products of COREtec.
  • For COREtec wood, we can also use other brands like the bona wood floor cleaner.
  • For COREtec stone, we can use the Zep neutral floor cleaner.

General Tips for Cleaning COREtec Vinyl Flooring

  • Be sure to clean the flooring by sweeping or vacuuming it. We can also use a slightly damp mop to keep the floors squeaky clean.
  • Make sure the mops have microfibers instead of harder bristles.
  • Use floor protectors that do not stain the floor with heavy furniture. We encourage using floor mats.
  • Use a PH-neutral cleaner on the flooring.
  • After using the cleaner, always rinse the floor by spraying misting water on a preferably flat mop pad and cleaning it.
  • Do not let there be dripping water on the floor while cleaning.
  • Use isopropyl alcohol with a cloth for areas that cleaners cannot remove.

Things Not to Use While Cleaning

  • Detergents or abrasive cleaners
  • Steam Cleaners, Vacuum cleaners with beater bars
  • Mop or bucket System
  • Oil Soaps, especially those that contain citrus essence or acidic nature.

Is COREtech Flooring Worth it?

COREtech provides a wide varietal of designs, sizes, and a patented layering system, making it one of the nation’s most premier luxury vinyl flooring companies. It mimics hardwood floors and tiles options at lower prices and is one of the few companies dedicated to making their products low emission in terms of harmful chemicals.

Though there are strict rules for cleaning and maintaining the products, the visual aesthetics, and the technology behind them compensate for it.


  • The product already has a cork underlayment, saving us money from buying additional underlayment.
  • The floating installation process is very easy and is a possible DIY.
  • There are options of getting trims and transitions to give our flooring a finished look and protection even on the borders. We have options of quarter rounds, baby thresholds, overlap stair noise, flush stair noise, stair tread, etc.
  • COREtech products are Greengard certified, meaning low levels of formaldehyde emissions. Finally, a product that promotes indoor air quality. COREtech is the best choice for homes with kids.
  • The cork underlayment especially helps in absorbing sound and blocking out noise. This underlayment is a great way for sound treatment and adds an extra bounce level.
  • We get a wide array of designs and styles to choose from.
  • COREtech also provides financing options.
  • Using COREtech flooring will cost less than the actual cost of hardwood floors or engineered hardwood flooring. There are cheaper luxury vinyl floorings options in the market, but the quality of the product will make every cent worth it.
  • The products are marketed as 100% waterproof.
  • We have plenty of size selections to choose from. There is a size for everyone’s room.
  • The groove and tongue locking mechanism make a floor look seamless.
  • We also can get free samples to check if we like the products in real life.
  • COREtech can also be installed with some radiant heating systems, provided we follow their sub-flooring instructions.


  • We can only use specific cleaners for these floors. It must be PH neutral. Using hardcore acidic cleaners will wear off the visuals easily.
  • It may have started an initiative towards going green, but as of now, it’s not completely biodegradable. Other alternatives are present in the market with a more environmentally friendly option like hemp flooring and proximity mills as recyclable.
  • Hardwood floors are known to increase the resale value of the building; vinyl flooring might not have the same effect.
  • If affordability is a major issue, then cheaper vinyl flooring options are available.
  • We need to use furniture pads for heavy furniture on these floors.

If aesthetically cool-looking floors with seamless designs and easy installation are what we are looking for then, you can consider COREtech for the flooring option.