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What to do if You Are Confused About a Guy

What to do if You Are Confused About a Guy

Having mixed feelings about a guy you are in a relationship with or dating is rational. It depends on what you are looking for in a connection.

The only technique to get this instinct out of your system is to directly confront the guy. The purpose is to spend more time with him to be sure about the compatibility. What if, he is smarter and funnier than you initially anticipated. It can be the other way around too.

The reason you are in confusion can be because of the way he is treating you. Another main cause can be a lack of proper conversation.

Whatever the grounds, if the constant thought is haunting you. We have gathered some effective solution to your difficulty. Let’s guide you through signs you can notice in a confusing relationship. And what you can do if you find yourself in a situation like that.

Am I Really Confused

Whether you are unhappy about the situation or your partner. There are some noticeable hints in a confusing love affair.

  • You Have Nothing in Common: Everyone in this world has different interests. And when a guy you are dating seems to have nothing in common with you. It might confuse you.
    Differences can be fascinating to some people. But at the same time, it can be the main turn-off for some. If you always disagree on anything, the relation may not work as you thought.
  • Time Spent Together Is Often Boring: In a healthy relationship, couples do not always have fun and laugh together. It is not always sunshine and butterflies. But sometimes there can be disagreement and fights too. However, forcing yourself to be happy when you feel the opposite is not okay. You can consider confronting the guy directly about what you are enduring. It might be the reason your feelings are such a mess.
  • Lack of Communication: The key to a healthy connection is communication. If you are missing it, then being confusing is not very surprising. Communicate your feelings with your partner. Even small things that you think are not so necessary, share them. It is a way to let your partner know that they have been heard. It makes you share your expectations and opinions in the connection. Lack of conversation can make the bond bland and uninteresting.
  • You Argue Most of the Time: There can be many ups and downs in a romance that you can face. Disagreement is not a new thing. It is usual to have mild fights in a healthy connection. When you are with him and if it is like one of those dramatic scenes of the movie every time you meet. When there are constant arguments for small reasons. It might be the cause you are confused. Don’t make harsh decisions just because of a few arguments. But if there is a consistent clash that you can not handle, it is time to give the relationship a second thought.
  • You Are Unhappy: Even though you go on dates, time spent together is not very engaging. There is always constant drama and distance between you two. You feel in your inner gut that the bond is not worth even trying. Whether it is a friendship, a job, or a romance. Let it go if the connection does not make you happy.
  • You Neither Hate Him or Like Him: It is not like you hate or cannot stand to face him. You think he is a good person but at the same time cannot imagine spending time together. Feeling caught up in the emotions is sensible. The requirements you want in the interconnection don’t meet. Then, it is best to confess what you exactly feel. It is not right to confuse others if you are indecisive. Make a decision and provide closure. So, the other person can also move forward.
  • The Future for Both of You Is Unclear: The relationship is still worth it if you cannot imagine your future together. However, every time there is a conversation about starting a future together, you are just not there. You cannot picture marrying or starting a family together. On the contrary, when you cannot tolerate even the present. Then, it is time you give the connection second thoughts.

What To Do if You Are Confused About a Guy

Take Things Slow

take things slow

Don’t jump to conclusions without analyzing the situation. Try giving yourself and your person more time to work things out together. Who knows, you might begin to like the individual more.

Don’t forget to explore each other. Let the bond progress emotionally and physically. By doing that, you will let your partner show their true character.

Avoid making harsh decisions without understanding the scenario.

Have a Mature Conversation


Communication is the key to a healthy connection. If there is no conversation between you and your partner. And you are confused about him. Then, you are the one who is at fault.

Tell him what you are feeling and some changes you want to make in the relation. Try to work things out. Even if it does not go as planned. At least it will give you a reason to move forward.

Make a Journal About Your Emotions

Write About Your Feelings

A daily journal on what you have been feeling can reflect a lot more than you think. Set a time every day to write. Write anything and everything you are feeling. You can draw or doodle too if you like.

It will make sense about your emotions. And help with your stress, anxiety, and overall your mental health.

Analyze if the Relationship Is Toxic or Not

Analyze if the Relationship Is Toxic or Not

Always think about your mental health more than anything. Healthy relationships always includes a supportive partner.

If the link has no trust, communication, or comfort and makes you unhappy most of the time. Then, accept that the connection is toxic. It will drain the energy out of your soul. It is best to separate ways if it is unhealthy.

Don’t Overthink The Connection

Don't overthink

Overthinking can ruin your day, your mood, and your relationship. If you are one of those people who always think your partner will cheat on you or ghost you out of nowhere. You have to stop overthinking.

Half of the connection ends in a breakup because of this problem. Stop overanalyzing everything. Don’t take things personally.

To stop overthinking, keep yourself busy and focus on your personal life.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

Trust Yourself

Ask yourself why you are confused in the first place? Is it because of their actions?

If your partner’s actions are not helping you grow and demotivating you. Trust that little voice inside your head telling you to deserve better. Trust your inner gut as it is right to go with your instinct sometimes.

Focus On Yourself

Be Busy

Maybe the main reason you are feeling confused is you have plenty of time to think. Make yourself busy at work. Or you can hang out with friends and enjoy your time.

Focus on building yourself rather than excessively thinking about a guy. Be occupied in your life. It can reap many benefits. Let it be getting promotions or rewards in your life.

Concentrate on your mental health. Be less anxious about being with a guy. The right guy will never make you think twice. So choose your decision wisely.

How Do You Know a Guy Is Confused About You

When the guy gives you mixed signals and is inconsistent. He is often hot and cold, meaning sometimes he treats you well and sometimes does not even care. He is often busy with other things and there is no effort to spend time together with you. And also he avoids talking about the future with you. Then, these are the vital signs that he is in confusion about you.

For a man, being confused means he is not interested. So do yourself a favor and find someone who will choose you every day.


It’s ok to be unsure, specially when you don’t know if the relationship will last or not. May be the problem is not with them but it’s you who is overthinking.

However, if it is the other way around, let them know how you feel. Being confused not only harms your mental health but theirs too. Make sure you communicate each other’s feelings properly.

Feelings can fluctuate sometimes, but if you feel a sense of deep closeness with them. Then, don’t let go. Whatever decision you make, make a mature one.

Love can be risky. Every relationship, if it succeeds or not, teaches you a lesson. In life, there are many obstacles you have to overcome.

Don’t be disheartened if a relationship does not work out. Stop stressing yourself trying to find the right one. The perfect guy will find their way when you least expect it. Till then, love yourself. Because if you cannot love yourself, how will you love someone else? So, don’t forget to take care of yourself.