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Best Walking Sneakers for Women To Travel and Exercise

Best Walking Sneakers for Women To Travel and Exercise

Sneakers will always be in fashion! Either you are a high fashion model or a regular girl next door, sneakers are an essential must-have item in your wardrobe.

Style, comfort, and longevity are the significant traits of the sneakers, thus what is there not to like? However, picking up a perfect pair can be a bit of a task in the sea of options available.

Fear not, we are here to make your shopping experience more comfortable. Let’s dive in on the basics of sneakers, followed by a breakdown of best walking sneakers to buy in 2020.

Types of Sneakers

Types of Sneakers-Low Mid High TopSneakers are one of the most loved kinds of shoes. Various brands across the world come up with new sorts every season. So, it is a bit hard to cover all the sneakers into different categories. However, they can be roughly divided into three categories: low-top, mid-top, and high-top.

  1. Low-top sneakers : Low-top sneakers are those who do not cover the ankles. They are lightweight and suitable for summer. Some popular types of low-top sneakers are runners and skate shoes. Runners are athletic shoes built especially for outdoor activities like running and trail walking. These are mostly cushioned and provide support for athletic events. As for skate shoes, they are stylish shoes for everyday wear. Vans company makes the most popular skate shoes.
  2. Mid-top sneakers : Mid-top are the type of sneakers that fall between the grey area of low and high-top sneakers. An example of prominent mid-top sneakers is Yeezy Boost 550.
  3. High-top sneakers : High-top sneakers cover the ankle. They are on the heavier side and more suitable for winter. Most popular high-top sneakers are Air Jordan and Converse.

Sneakers To Buy In 2020

Reebok Women’s Classic Renaissance Sneaker

Reebok Women's Classic Renaissance SneakerReebok is one of the major players in the field of shoes. There is no surprise that their Classic Renaissance Sneaker is a must-have wardrobe essential. The shoes available in all black and all white can quickly level up your look.


Product dimensions: 11.5 x 7.4 x 4.6 inches
Sole: Synthetic sole
Cushioning: lightweight

It is made up of synthetic leather upper, which is a lightweight material. The shoe has memory tech foam sock liner and EVA midsole for utmost comfort.

  • Stylist shoes for everyday wear.
  • Can be worn for running, hiking or walking.
  • May not be suitable for flat feet.

Bottom Line:

Reebok Women’s Classic Renaissance Sneaker is a comfortable pair of shoes that are easy on the eye. If you are a fan of classic all black and all white design then, the footwear is for you.

ZGR Women’s Canvas Sneakers High Top Lace-Ups

ZGR Women’s Canvas Low Top SneakerZGR Women’s Canvas Sneakers High Top Lace Ups is a typical old school style.


Product dimensions: 9.9 x 5.5 x 4.8 inches
Build Quality: contrasting stitching on upper and tirpe vulcanized rubber sole
Sole: anti-slip rubber sole
Selling Factor: silver eyelets at the side

The shoes give you the back to school vibes which you can wear in your everyday style. The shoes are washable and come with anti-slip sole.

  • Variety of color to chose.
  • Anti-slip up sole.
  • Easy to wash.
  • May not be durable.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for comfortable wear and fashionable sneakers, pick ZGR women’s canvas sneakers high top lace-ups.

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Vans Emboss Mini Check Classic

EMBOSS MINI CHECK CLASSIC No list of sneakers can be complete without Vans shoes on the list. The brand which has been around forever is the epitome of fashion and comfort.


Product dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
Build Quality: comfortable upper and vulcanized rubber midsole
Sole: rubber sole

Vans Women’s Slip-On Trainers are free of the hassle of laces; you can put them on and be on the go. The rubber sole gives you a comfortable wear.

  • Slip-On; no hassle of laces.
  • Goes with every outfit.
  • May not be fit for people with wider feet.
  • May not be durable.

Botton Line:

Buy Vans Women’s Slip-On Trainers for comfortable, hassle-free everyday shoes.

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Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam

Adidas has been around forever, and they are here to stay. The brand’s offering of Women’s Cloudfoam is another option for sneakers. The shoes come with a rubber sole and textile lining. It has a cloudfoam memory sock liner to support your feet.


Product dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.71 inches
Build Quality: Textile lining
Selling Factor: Cloudfoam memory sock liner

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam comes with an upper which hugs the feet.

  • Good fit for walking/ running
  • Specially made for female feet.
  • Outsole may wear off in a short period.
  • Some reviews found inadequate support for running.

Bottom Line:

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam can be your everyday wear shoe as it comes with feet hugging upper and cloudfoam memory sock liner.

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Slow Man’s Mesh Slip On Air Cushion Walking Shoe

Slow Man Mesh Slip On Air Cushion Walking ShoeSlowman’s Mesh Slip On Air Cushion Lady Girls Modern Jazz Dance Easy Shoes Platform Loafers can be a breath of fresh air if you want to expand your shoe brand options. The shoes come with boxed toe stands and breathable fabric.


Product dimensions: 9.6 x 6.9 x 4.3 inches
Build Quality: perforated arch
Sole: air-cushion

It has a perforated arch that provides breath-ability and ventilation.

  • Comfortable to wear slip-on.
  • Suitable for long working hours.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • May not provide heel and ankle support.

Bottom Line:

Mesh Slip-On Air Cushion Lady Girls Modern Jazz Dance Easy Shoes Platform Loafers can be your everyday shoe for work due to its breathable fabric.

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Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2

Ryka Women's Devotion Plus 2Ryka’s Devotion Plus 2 shoes are specially made for women. The shoes contain breathable mesh with supportive synthetic overlays.


Product dimensions: 12.5 x 8.1 x 4.6 inches
Build Quality: Lace-up closure
Sole: Synthetic
Cushioning: Responsive

It has multi-layer construction for comfort and support. Besides, the shoes feature a unique mixture of style- black mixed with a variety of colors.

  • Provides stability for feet.
  • Suitable for sensitive feet.
  • No need to break in.
  • Outer soles may fall apart.
  • Shoelace eyelets may ripe out quickly.

Bottom Line:

Buy Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2 for the stability and comfort for your feet.

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Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy

Skechers Women's Go Walk JoySkechers is one of the trusted brands when it comes to sneakers. The company’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe has quite a lot of features. It boasts 5-gen cushioning, an upper mesh that provides breathability and soft fabric lining.


Product dimensions: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inchess
Build Quality: padded collar
Sole: Synthetic
Selling Factor: Soft fabric lining

The shoes’ fashionable look and comfort factor make it go-to sneakers for everyday wear.

  • Lace free: comfortable to wear.
  • Work well in humidity.
  • May stretch out.
  • May not work on the slippery surface.

Bottom Line:

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe is a shoe with major cushioning and breathability.

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Things To Consider While Buying Sneakers

Are you looking for the correct size?
The most common thing to consider while buying a pair of sneakers is size. The thumb rule is to look for shoes more prominent than your typical dress shoe. More often, people end up buying sneakers of the same size as their dress shoes, resulting in blisters and discomfort in their feet.
Does shoe size vary among brands?
Yes, shoe size varies from brand to brand. Even if two brands have the same shoe size, both the shoe may not fit you the same. Thus, it is smart to try out the shoes before buying them.
Should I stay loyal to a particular brand?
Many people tend to remain loyal to a brand and continue buying from them. Such a habit may keep you in your comfort zone. However, brands keep innovating with new designs and comfortable shoes. You may be missing out on a lot due to your monogamy with a particular brand. We suggest you look for features and comfort rather than going blindly with the same brand.
Why are you buying sneakers?
The non-sneakers head may not know, but there are sneakers for each purpose like walking, running, and hiking. You will be able to pick the best shoes if you correctly identify the meaning behind it. For example, if you are looking to buy sneakers for working, then there are shoes available specially made for standing long hours. You could get your money worth of shoes if you are clear before you purchase shoes.
Your feet condition.
If you have a particular need like a bigger toe box, arch support, and flat feet, do not hesitate to look for proper shoes. Today, there are sneakers for every individual need. A small effort while buying sneakers can make all the difference for the health of your feet.

Tips on Caring For Sneakers

Care While Washing: The first thing to keep in mind while washing your sneakers is the material it is made up of. If they are made from sensitive materials such as leather or suede, you should not machine wash them. For synthetic or canvas, you are suitable for a machine wash. The best tip is to look for the brand’s direction for cleaning the shoes.

Do Not Use Dryer: Dryer can be damaging for your beloved pair of sneakers. Thus, you should always air dry them.

Attention To Eyelets: We often ignore the eyelets of sneakers, which may be the dirtiest part. The key is to remove the laces before putting the shoes on the wash. You could wash the laces separately in the wash.

Shoe Storage: The best way to store your sneakers is to store them in the box they came with. It is an easy way to care for your footwear. You could also put them in a wooden cupboard if that is an option.

How to Stop Odor from Sneakers?

While sneakers can be your best on the go shoes, the frequent wear can generate odor. Fear not, by following a few steps; you can get rid of the smell.

Hygiene: While wearing sneakers, your feet tend to sweat. If you make a habit of cleaning off the sweat with soap and water, then it can make quite a difference for your feet and shoe odor.

Rotation: If you are someone who uses the same pair of shoes daily, then odor can be a significant issue. The sweat can accumulate on the shoes over time and can be challenging to get rid of. You can solve this problem by buying at least two sneakers and wearing them on alternate days.

Socks: Wearing socks can go a long way in a healthy way of wearing sneakers. Pair of socks soak up the moisture and help the sweat from accumulating on the shoes. Also, if you are someone who sweats excessively, try wearing anti-per spirant socks.

Managing Stink: You can use baking powder to manage the stink of the shoes. Dump some baking soda on shoes and wash them later. The soda helps to kill the neutralize the bacterial acid, which case the smell in shoes.

Changing Shoes: Some shoes are beyond repair. No matter how much you practice hygiene or try to control the odor, it doesn’t go away. In such a case, it is best to get rid of smelly shoes.

When Do You Get Rid Of Your Sneakers?


It is essential to know when to say goodbye to your beloved sneakers. The following are the things to look for in your old shoes:

Miles Count: Any sneakers won’t support you over 500 miles. However, the standard miles won’t work for you if you are on the heavier side. A heavy person’s shoe will wear out earlier than a regular weight person. To break it down, if you wear the same shoes four times a week, you should change is in six months. Generally, it is good to change your regular shoes once a year.

Tell-Tale Signs: Sneakers tend to show signs that they need changing. Usually, when worn, our sneakers show holes in the upper part. The midsole doesn’t support you as before, and the outer sole starts to peel off.

Discomfort: This method is the easiest one. You don’t need to count miles or look for shoe parts as a sneakers connoisseur. Just keep track of your once comfortable shoes; don’t feel the same; your feet are not protected as before. If all the signs are positive, get rid of the sneakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear sneakers with a dress?
Yes, you can wear sneakers with a dress. Today, the trendiest sneakers are available, which can go with a chic dress and jeans as well.

Should I wear socks with sneakers?
You should wear socks with sneakers as they protect your feet from friction against the shoe and soak up moisture. The soaking quality of socks helps in increasing the lifetime of shoes.

Can I wear the same sneakers for walking and running?
While you could use running sneakers for walking, the vice versa may not work. Shoes for running require additional support and cushioning than a walking shoe. It is best if you invest in a good pair of running sneakers for running.

How long will my sneakers last?
Standard sneakers last for 300-500 miles of walking.

Should I buy lace sneakers or slip-on?
It is your choice. Many brands offer sneakers in lace or slip-on, ask yourself which one you prefer and go for it.

Bonus Tip for Increasing Life of Your Sneakers

The key to increasing your sneaker’s life is to keep an eye on where you buy your shoes from. Sneakers often remain in the warehouse for a while and take a good time to reach stores near you. When you buy sneakers made over a year: naturally, they wear off fast. A simple trick is to buy the latest sneakers and ask the store’s staff if they are selling you a fresh pair or an old one. Buying from a local store might be a good idea as they store fewer shoes at a time and bring in new shoes in a short span.

Final Words:

Follow our tips and tricks while buying sneakers. Also, check out our review for the best sneakers. Happy buying!