A pair of shoes can make or break a journey. Thus, a good pair of shoes is an absolute essential. Yet, finding a perfect pair can be a daunting task. That’s why we are here to provide you the options of best walking shoes on the concrete for 2020. Read on as we break down all the aspects of shoes for you to buy.

The Basics Of Buying Shoes!

  • Comfort: One thing that you should not compromise in case of shoes is comfort. On your next visit to the shop, always try on the shoe first before purchasing it. If it doesn’t feel right in any area like toe or feet, look for another one.
  • Time: You must have heard about the belief that one should buy shoes during the evening. The advice is more than a superstition. The feet do tend to swell a little as we move around in the evening. Thus, it is the best time to find your fit.
  • Shoe Size: Brands make shoes suitable for people of various height and feet size called shoe size. The shoe size works as people tend to have feet of similar shapes and sizes. But, the common myth is all brands have the same shoe size, which is not true.
  • Budget: Make a budget a major deciding point when buying a pair of shoes. The key is to strike a balance between the product’s features and the price. Always remember, the expensive brand doesn’t always mean that their shoes are best for you. And vice versa with a cheaper brand.
  • Practice: Buying a good pair of shoes is not an easy task. With a sea of brands available in the market, it can be a bit overwhelming. Fear not, you become aware of your shoe needs as you buy each new pair. Each shoe buying practice is the ultimate path to becoming a confident buyer.

Women’s Shoe Size

Approximate Foot length
~8.75 in / 22.5 cm
6 4
~9 in / 23 cm
~9.25 in / 23.5 cm
~9.375 in / 23.8 cm
~9.5 in / 24 cm
~9.75 in / 24.6 cm
~9.875 in / 25 cm
~10 in / 25.4 cm
~10.2 in / 25.9 cm
~10.35 in / 26.2 cm
~10.5 in / 26.7 cm

Men’s Shoe Size

Approximate Foot length
~9.6 in / 24.4 cm
~9.75 in / 24.8 cm
~9.9 in / 25.2 cm
~10.125 in / 25.7 cm
~10.25 in ~26 cm
~10.4 in / 26.5 cm
~10.6 in / 26.8 cm
~10.75 in / 27.3 cm
~10.9 in / 27.8 cm
~11.125 in / 28.3 cm
~11.25 in / 28.6 cm
~11.6 in / 29.4 cm

Shoe size may vary from brand to brand even if the numbering is the same. We tell you to try on the shoes instead of picking the same size in different brands.

Things To look At Running/ Walking Shoes On Concrete

concrete road shoes

When you are looking for shoes to wear on concrete, consider the following features:

Outsole: Outsole (also known as the outer sole) is present at the base of a shoe. It is the surface that comes in contact with the ground. A solid outsole is a determining factor of good concrete shoes. For the harsh concrete, you should choose shoes with special outsole features. Such a pair increases durability and comfort during walking or running.

Upper: Upper is the part of a shoe covering your toe, front, and side of the feet. Look for upper made with material such as mesh, which helps in the breathability of the shoe. The content of the upper determines how a shoe controls the odor of feet.

Toecap: Toe cap is a part of the upper area. But, it needs a separate discussion as it is something that is often overlooked. While buying a shoe, make sure to wiggle your toes and check for the area. People with more long toes need a shoe with ample toe box.

Cushioning: Cushioning is a major determining factor of good shoes for concrete. Well-cushioned shoes protect you from the impact of the hard floor. Shoes in 2020 have features such as EVA, gel, or memory foam for cushioning.

Arch Support: Arch support in shoes is overlooked. Even if you don’t suffer from foot issues, pick a shoe for your arch type to avoid future problems. A good pair of shoes must shape your foot. In the case of running shoes, the correct arch support makes all the difference.

Now that you are armed with knowledge about shoes for concrete. Read on our top picks for 2020.

Best Overall

Skechers Men Gowalk Max Privy-Slip-on Walking Shoe Sneaker

Skechers Men Gowalk Max Privy-Slip-on Walking Shoe Sneaker

Like the Drip Report’s song goes”, I like your Skechers,” it turns out we indeed like the brand. Skechers has been a significant player on shoes in case of comfort. Their Gowalk Max Privy-Slip-on Walking Shoe Sneaker is arguably the best shoes to walk on concrete.


Product dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
fabric : Mesh fabric upper
Sole: midsole and insole cushion and outsole for durability

Skechers Gowalk Max Privy-Slip-on has a mesh fabric that provides an ideal fit. The shoes have two layers of cushioning for walking on hard concrete.

  • Comfortable to wear: no hassle of tying the laces.
  • Machine washable and easy to care.
  • Durable and affordable.
  • Toe box suitable for wide feet.
  • Build with mesh fabric, which helps in an ideal fit and helps keep the shoe odor-free.
  • Moderate arch support.
  • Ideal for daily use.
  • May not be suitable for people on the heavier side.
  • People with flat feet may not find it suitable.

Bottom Line:

Skechers Gowalk Max Privy-Slip-on Walking Shoe Sneaker is your go-to shoes for walking on concrete for its unique cushioning feature and durability.

Best Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes 

ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

Asics Gel Venture shoes are a treat for runners on concrete. The brand’s focus on gel technology is commendable. The gel technology provides shock absorption in the often-overlooked rear-foot area. And, the shoes’ key feature is ortholite sock liner which also helps in lessening the impact. Besides, the ortholite sock liner absorbs moisture.


Product dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6 inches
Sole: ATP Manufacturing LLC’s trademark Ortholite Sockliner technology and AHAR outsole
Selling Point:Gel technology

Along with the care of comfort, this Ascis’ shoes have a particular focus on durability. It has an AHAR outsole whose full form is ASICS High Abrasion Rubber acronym. The outsole is present in the critical area to last long.

  • Suitable for beginners and pro runners.
  • Moisture management for feet.
  • Protects feet from running shock.
  • May not work for some due to lesser arch support.
  • Thinner shoelace may not work for some.

Bottom Line:

For running on concrete, your answer is Asics Gel-Venture shoes whose gel technology is present to make your run comfortable.

Best Formal Shoes

Orthofeet Broadway and  Chelsea

Orthofeet Broadway and Chelsea

Our mind tends to gravitate towards typical sports shoes to walk on concrete. Yet, there are times when one needs to be suited up for a formal event when a lot of standing is required. Instead of painful shoes (read heels) for women and men, we have the best alternative.


Product dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6 inches
Sole: Extra-depth design with removable insoles
Cushioning:Ergonomic sole with air cushioning
Fabric: Seam free fabric lining
Selling Point:Extra foam padding, orthotic insole with anatomical arch support

Orthofeet Chelsea for women is the best alternative for standing on concrete for an extended period. The men’s counterpart Broadway also serves well for the concrete.

The brand focuses on making the perfect orthopedic shoes for feet. The shoes’ extended width provides room for comfortable wear while standing on concrete.

Orthofeet Broadway and Chelsea have a seam-free fabric lining and extra foam padding. The feature helps people with sensitive feet.

The shoes’ new depth design with removable insoles is a unique feature. It helps keep the joints stress-free and improve mobility.

Orthofeet argues that the shoe is fit for conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis, and neuropathy.

  • Orthofeet Broadway and Orthofeet Chelsea can be worn in formal settings.
  • Incredible arch support.
  • Removable inserts.
  • Toe box suitable for wide feet.
  • No need to be broken in.
  • May not be suitable for sporting activities.

Bottom Line:

Buy Orthofeet Broadway and Orthofeet Chelsea for formal and comfortable wear. As a bonus for people with foot conditions, it works wonders.

Best Stylish -Merrell’s shoes

Women’s Dassie MJ Slip-On

Women’s Dassie MJ Slip-On

Merrell’s brand has arguably the most stylish shoes to walk on concrete. The brand’s Women’s Dassie MJ Slip-On is a win-win for customers seeking Style and comfort.


Product dimensions: 12 x 7 x 4 inches
Sole: EVA insole, EVA midsole, Outsole
Cushioning:Air-cushioned heels
Fabric: Mary Jane style straps
Selling Point:Nylon Shank

The shoe has a mesh lining to prevent odors. And, the shoe has EVA insole and midsole to lessen the impact of walking. Along with that, the outsole helps the consumer with grip and traction.

  • Style with comfort
  • Arch support
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • May not be durable.

Bottom Line:

Buy Merrell’s shoes for the nostalgia of Mary Jane’s strap and comfort.

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Nubuck Waterproof Slip-On Shoe

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Nubuck Waterproof Slip-On Shoe

Merrell also caters to the men. The stylish Men’s Jungle Moc Nubuck Waterproof Slip-On Shoe has a mesh lining to block to odor.


Product dimensions: 13 x 9 x 5 inches
Sole: M select grip outsole
Cushioning:Air cushion
Fabric: Seam free fabric lining
Selling Point:Waterproof

The feet are in good care with the model’s air cushion for support: M select grip outsole deals with the concrete’s wear and tear.

  • Waterproof shoes.
  • Slip-On: no hassle of laces.
  • Made from recycled material
  • May not be durable.

Bottom Line:

One should buy Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Nubuck Waterproof Slip-On Shoe for the stylish look and comfortable feel.

Best Branded

Adidas Ultraboost 20 Shoes

Adidas Ultraboost 20 Shoes

It is no brainer for one of the biggest shoe brands on earth to make an appearance in a list of shoes. Adidas’ Ultraboost gives a comfortable boost to runners on concrete. Its unique feature is the boost form which protects the foot from the impact of the concrete.


Product dimensions: 11.3 x 7.7 x 4.4 inches
Sole: Responsive Boost midsole
Selling Point:Sock-Like Fit

Ultraboost 20 also has a sock-like fit, which helps in better movement. The brand is available for both men and women.

  • Top brand’s shoes in a budget
  • Boost feature helps in running
  • Supports people with knees and lower back problems.
  • Some reviewers noted that the cushioning might fall off later.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking to buy the famed brand’s shoes, especially for walking on concrete, Adidas Ultraboost 20 is the one you are looking for.

Best For Overpronation

Brooks Addiction Walker 

Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks’ Addiction Walker caters to people who tend to suffer from overpronation. Overpronation refers to the condition where your foot rolls inward when you move. In the absence of proper supportive shoes for such a situation, it can be excruciating to walk or run.


Product dimensions: 13.9 x 8.6 x 5.3 inches
Sole: Slip-resistant
Cushioning: Soft Cushioning
Selling Point:Greatest support, Secure Fit

Fear not, Brooks Addiction Walker is your go-to shoe for a safe running or standing on the concrete floor. The boots have a progressive diagonal roll bar. It provides the most significant support to the arch and helps people with overpronation.

While running or walking on concrete, the outsole provides slip resistance.

  • Cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Suitable for people with knee and foot problems.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Wide Width Shoes.
  • The rubber may peel off after a few months.

Bottom Line:

Buy Brooks’ addiction Walker if you need to be on your feet for hours. It supports your feet and makes your working shift smooth sailing.

Unique Choice

Crocs Bistro Graphic Clog

Crocs Bistro Graphic Clog

Crocs may seem like an odd one out in the list, but the brand delivers. Crocs Bistro is primarily aimed for professionals in the food and health sector. The shoes are slip-resistant and enclosed, designed to protect one’s feet.


Product dimensions: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Sole: Slip-resistant
Fabric: Waterproof
Selling Point:Easy to clean, Unisex
  • Utmost comfort.
  • Variety of graphic designs.
  • Comfortable to wear: hassle-free.
    • May wear off if kept longer under the sun.
    • May not be suitable for all office dress codes.

Bottom Line:

If your comfort is the utmost priority, then Crocs Bistro is your go-to shoes for standing on concrete.

Best Brand II

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Nike is another crucial player in shoes that cannot be left out of the list. The top brand’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is an excellent offering for walking/running on concrete.


Product dimensions: 9.06 x 12.99 x 0.79 inches
Cushioning: Cushion ST foam
Selling Point:Fitsole sock liner, Unisex, Flymesh upper

The shoes’ fly mesh upper provides relief from feet fatigue. The feature fitsole sock liner helps fit the footwear right into your feet. Along with excellent fit, the cushioning of the shoes absorbs the harsh shock of the concrete.

  • Cushions your feet.
  • Shock absorption.
  • Useful for running or walking on concrete.
  • The outsole may wear off.
  • Shoes may be narrow for some.

Bottom Line:

Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 has a cushioning technology aimed at absorbing the concrete’s shock.

Best Budget

Rockport Men’s On Road Walking Shoe

Rockport Men’s On Road Walking Shoe

If you are looking for a shoe on a budget, than Rockport Men’s On-Road Walking Shoe is your answer. The brand has brought forward the shoes with lace-up vamp and perforated side panels. The features aid in walking on concrete.


Product dimensions: 15 x 8 x 5 inches
Cushioning: Padded tongue and collar
Fabric: Lace-up vamp
Selling Point:Perforated Side Panels

The shoes have an upper, which provides breathability. The padded tongue and collar support lessen the impact of the concrete. Additionally, it has heel support.

  • An ideal shoe for concrete on a budget.
  • Durable
  • The insole is maybe rigid for some.
  • Need to be broken in.

Bottom Line:

Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 has a cushioning technology aimed at absorbing the concrete’s shock.

Rockport Women’s Sidewalk Expressions Chranson

Rockport Women’s Sidewalk Expressions Chranson

Rockport’s offering for women also stands on the promise of shoes for concrete on a budget. The shoes have upper Nubuck for breathability.


Product dimensions: 11.97 x 6.77 x 4.09 inches
Sole: EVA Insole
Fabric: Rubber outsole
Selling Point:Perforated Side Panels

The EVA insole absorbs shock against hard concrete. The rubber outsole is present for protection against the tear of concrete.

  • Reliable shoe on a budget.
  • Lightweight shoes
  • The toe box may not be suitable for some.
  • Need to be broken in.
  • Not suitable for running

Bottom line:

Rockport Men’s On Road And Women’s Sidewalk Expressions Chranson is a budget shoe for walking on concrete.


How long will my running shoes last?

No hard and fast rule says how long any running shoes will last. But, brands usually claim that a standard pair of running shoes last around 500-540 miles.

Can I use the same shoes for a treadmill and outdoor running?

Yes, you can use the same shoes for the treadmill and outdoor running. Running shoes are usually suited for both treadmill and outdoor running.

Does Shoe Brand Matter?

No, the shoe brand doesn’t matter. There is no blanket rule that a particular brand will work for everyone. Brands manufacture a variety of shoes; it’s the customer’s choice to chose the best among them. But, if you feel strongly about particular brands, then go for them.

I’m a walker. Can I wear running shoes?

Yes, you can wear them. You will be at an advantage as running shoes come with exceptional cushioning. You can utilize that unique feature while walking.

Should I wear socks?

Yes, you should wear socks. Socks play an essential role in increasing one’s comfort while wearing shoes. They help soak up the moisture and protect feet from the internal lining of the shoes. The warm, dark, and moisture field condition inside a shoe is suitable for fungus and bacteria to survive—the sock aids in preventing the fungus and bacterial infection from developing in your feel.

Can you run on concrete with trail shoes?

It is better to buy shoes suitable for concrete running. A pair of trail shoes are designed especially for the trail. If you use that for running on pavement, the shoes might not be super useful.

How many miles should you run in a pair of shoes?

The brands usually give you a range from 500-540 miles lifespan for a standard pair of running shoes. But, you should look out for the condition of shoes like cushioning. Then, compare the comfort of the shoes initially and currently. Then, decide whether to continue running on the shoes or to change it.

Side Effects Of Walking On Concrete

Foot Pain

Constant walking on concrete can lead to foot pain. As you encounter pavement for a more extended period, the harsh surface can take a toll on your feet.

Back Pain

Back pain is another side effect of walking on concrete. The constant contact with a hard surface can take a toll on your body. It will help if you watch your posture while walking on concrete.

Knee Pain

Walking on concrete can also lead to knee pain. The contact may affect your joint and could also lead to arthritis.


One could experience fatigue due to regular contact with the hard concrete floor.

PS: Walking on concrete has also been linked to foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Ingrown Toenail, Bunion, Achilles Tendinitis, and Lumbar Strain.

The truth is walking/ running on concrete can be detrimental to the body. Thus, alternative treadmills are a better option: the surface is softer and less harsh on your knees. But, treadmills can get boring quickly as you have the same scenery all the time.

The other alternative is grass. But, the grass is uneven and can cause injury due to potholes and unevenness. The best thing one can do is alternate between surfaces and run with care.

Things To Avoid While Walking On Concrete

Wrong Footwear

Your choice of footwear determines your experience of walking on concrete. A shoe without support may lead to problems like foot pain and fatigue.

Heels are a big no-no

If you have to wear heels, make sure you do not need to walk on concrete for long. Wearing heels on pavement can cause pressure on your feet and knee and lead to pain.

Walking For Long Stretch

The key to avoiding pain and fatigue while walking on concrete is to take rest whenever possible. A few minutes’ breaks can help your feet gain strength. Do not hesitate to sit and stretch whenever possible.

Worn Out Shoes

When you chose shoes specific for walking on concrete, make sure it is in good condition. A worn-out pair of shoes that has lost its cushioning is of no use to walk on pavement.

Tips To Lengthen The Lifespan Of A Shoe

Proper Environment

Protect your shoes from extreme cold or hot conditions to protect the material. Also, avoid situations with moisture to make your shoes last longer.


The way of storing a shoe can make all the difference in its lifespan. The best option is to keep your shoes in the box they came with. You can also use a wooden cupboard for storage, and the wooden tend to absorb moisture and sweat from the shoes.

Rotating Shoes

The best way to increase the lifespan of your shoes is to alternate between running shoes. If you wear the same shoes every day, it is natural for them to wear out quickly.


Buying a pair of good quality shoes can make all the difference in its life span. Compromising on quality won’t be helpful either for the lifespan or work of the shoes.

Final Remarks:

Buying good shoes for walking on concrete need not be an arduous task. With the above breakdown of crucial features in shoes and the reviews, you should be able to find your best pick. Good luck!

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