Walking is one of the most non-complicated ways to stay fit. It doesn’t require any sophisticated tools. You could just put on your walking shoes and go for a walk around the neighborhood.  You do not need to calculate your walking distance manually. In your fitness journey, a walking distance calculator can work wonders. It can be found on your phone in the form of a walking app. Walking apps can track your walking, running, and other physical activities. The apps use the GPS and accelerometer chip in phones to accomplish the feat. They can be connected to a fitness watch for the convenience of the user.  We have broken down the best walking distance calculator in no particular order.

Step Tracker – Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker

Step Tracker - Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker Step Tracker is one of the best walking apps for android. It can track your every move. From simple steps, walking duration, pace, and burned calories.  The results are easy to view as the app demonstrates the effect of graphs. The app breaks down your progress in days, weeks, and month. It can help you track your fitness goals. You can sync the data with Google fit.  The major highlight of the step tracker is there is no need for a login. There are no locked-in features. You can use all the services for free.  Step Tracker’s other ace is its built-in sensor. It tracks your movement even when the device is locked. This feature helps save the battery of the invention. However, look out if your phone closes the app when it is locked. In such a case, you should change the device’s power-saving mode. You can activate the GPS feature, or the app will use its built-in feature to track the GPS. It also auto-records your steps. You can restart your steps from zero in real-time.  The app aids in your walking journey as it helps you set targets for your various fitness activity.  The colorful themes to choose are aesthetic for the eyes. You could view your walking distance and pace in beautiful themes of the app.


  • Built-in sensor for tracking
  • app works when the device is locked
  • real-time GPS tracker
  • user-friendly design
  • The built-in tracker saves battery as it works when the device is locked.
  • The app tracks the real-time map.
  • The app works for the android and ios platforms.
  • All the features are available for free.
  • The app can track your movement, either you place it in your hands, bag, or armband.
  • The settings can be adjusted to increase the sensitivity of the app.
  • One needs to make sure your phone doesn’t override the app when it’s locked.

Bottom Line:

Use Step Tracker – Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker for its friendly user interface and built-in tracker.


Endomondo Endomondo can be your trainer in the fitness journey. It can calculate your walking distance and other physical activity. The app tracks walking, running, swimming, and other various movements.  One can set the time, pace, distance, and calories in the workout summary. The personalized input will aid in getting the desired results. Endomondo’s training comes in as one can get audio feedback on distance and pace. You can set your own goals and get aid from a personal coach. You get a notification after completing a milestone.  Endomondo can work wonders for you if you are social or want to be social. The app allows you to share your progress with other users. You can also see other’s progress in your newsfeed. It also allows you with the app’s global community. The sharing can help you get motivated in the fitness journey.  The app also has premium features. You can get personalized training plans and aids to achieve them. It allows advanced statistics where you can find your entire fitness history. You can complete your own personal best. There is also heart zone analysis in the premium option. But, it requires a compatible heart rate monitor.


  • Audio information and pep-talk about progress
  • Working out with the global community
  • GPS tracking of distance
  • Compatible with fitness bands and apps.
  • Endomondo allows sharing live work out with friends. It promotes community fitness.
  • The celebration of milestone and featured challenges spices up the fitness journey.
  • The app is compatible with IOS and Android platforms. It can also sync with Fit bit, Garmin connects, and many more platforms.
  • There may be GPS glitches in the low-connection zone.
  • The variety of features can hinder in user-friendliness of the app.
  • The free feature comes with a lot of pop-up ads.

Bottom Line:

Chose Endomondo for its community working out approach. Its compatibility with various devices and platforms is another plus for the app.

Walk With Map My Walk

Walk With Map My Walk Walk With Map My Walk is another major player in calculating the walking distance. The apps come with the feature of mapping your route. It also shows the alternative path to your current route. It suggests new routes keep your walking interesting. You could share your itinerary with friends or walk the way they take.  The app keeps track of your movement from walking, running, cycling, and other physical activities. It uses GPS tracking to give you accurate measurements. There is an audio feature that informs you about your pace speed and distance. The function can be convenient when you are working out and are in the zone.  Walk with Map My Walk is compatible with a variety of apps and wearable. It syncs with top players like Google Fit, Android Wear, and Fit bit. You can also take a nutrition appointment from MyFitnessPal. There is an option of buying Under Armour( parent company of Walk with Map My Walk) connected shoes. You can get detailed info on ground contact time and stride length.


  • Audio feature informing about pace and distance
  • compatible with apps and wearable
  • free app, an option with a premium upgrade, in-app purchase available
  • Walk With Map My Walk is user friendly and easy to use.
  • The map sharing feature promotes a sense of community fitness goal.
  • It works with android, ios, and a variety of apps and wearable.
  • The GPS tracking can drain your battery real soon.
  • The premium feature may be more suitable for a hardcore fitness enthusiast.
  • The app displays your track publicly; you need to change the setting to private.

Bottom Line:

Use Walk With Map My Walk app for its map feature and user-friendly interface.

Pedometer-Step Counter Free & Calorie Counter

Pedometer-Step Counter Free & Calorie Counter  The pedometer app makes your walking, running, and cycling more accessible. It keeps track of each step. It presents the detailed info of your movement.  Pedometer comes with a built-in sensor that tracks the movement. It doesn’t use GPS that saves battery life. The app works whether you keep it in your hand, bag, or arm wrist.  It comes with an easy user interface. You can just tap the start button, and the tracking will start. There is an option to create a widget on the home screen. You can easily track your achievement from a glance.  There is a ledger board to track your fitness level. You could compete with worldwide fitness enthusiasts and get motivated.


  • Free app
  • A user-friendly option of the widget on the home screen
  • power saver, built-in sensor
  • The pedometer saves the battery from its built-in feature.
  • Your tracking activities are private.
  • All the features of the app are free.
  • You can link with music or Spotify from the app.
  • The calorie count is made with parameters: height, width, age, and steps taken.
  • The app may stop working when the phone is locked. Make sure to keep on restriction on the battery usage.
  • It is available for android only.

Bottom Line:

Pedometer-Step Counter Free & Calorie Counter can be your go-to friend in your fitness journey. Look out for its battery saving feature and free features.

Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight

Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight comes with a user-friendly interface. The step counter feature starts counting your steps as soon as you start walking.  You can go to tends in the app and find your detailed exercise history. The history includes everything from the steps, pace to calorie count. In the Me category, you can keep track of weight and fitness habits.  You can plan your exercises with the plan feature. One can also get a sense of community with the explore feature. There you can find groups and challenges. It can help you get motivated in the fitness journey.  The app can be synced with major fitness players like Fitbit Track and MyFitness Pal.


  • Compatible with a fitness watch
  • GPS tracker
  • free app
  • The app has a user-friendly interface.
  • All the features are free.
  • It is available for android and ios users.
  • It works with fitness bands like Fitbit.
  • There is an option of adjusting the step counter according to one’s preference.
  • The GPS tracker may drain the battery.
  • Some phones may not support the device when locked: look for the battery savings setting.

Bottom Line:

Look out for adjusting step counting preference in Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight.

Pedometer- Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner

Pedometer-Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner Pedometer- Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner can be your walking partner. It comes with a built-in feature. There is no GPS tracking that helps in saving the battery.  The app is easy to navigate, as there is a graphical presentation. One can see the achievements break down on the app. It motivates you to achieve your goals. You can get a streak when you complete your goal for two consecutive days. The Snapchat-like streak feature is one way to get motivated.  It comes with a natural pause and starts feature. The pause bottom stops the tracking while you rest. There is no sign-in or log-in required to start the app. You could start your fitness journey on the go.  There is a feature of training mode. You could plan a particular training routine in the method. The apps give you a detailed breakdown of the specific training mode.  You can change themes according to your preference. It helps to keep the app use refreshing.


  • Built-in tracker
  • motivation streak
  • battery saving
  • Free app
  • The built-in tracker saves battery.
  • The graphical breakdown of the workout is easy to follow.
  • The phone may override the app when unlocked. It may not work on older version phones.
  • It is only available for android users.

Bottom Line:

With its battery-saving features and graphical representation, Pedometer- Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner is a great choice.

Steps App Pedometer

Steps App Pedometer Steps App Pedometer comes with charts and animation. The visual representation of your fitness routine helps one get motivated. You can also work in the area you are lacking.  The app gives an overview of your steps, pace, time, and calories count. The daily, weekly, and monthly breakdown help one keep track. It notifies after you have reached your daily routine.  Steps App Pedometer is social media-friendly. It encourages users to form a community of health enthusiasts. The app comes with six color themes that can make your exercise routine enjoyable.


  • Animation and chart for exercise breakdown
  • battery saver
  • friendly user interface
  • The app works for android and ios platforms.
  • The app can be integrated with Google Fit.
  • It has a friendly user interface.
  • The app may be overridden by phone when locked.

Bottom Line:

Steps App Pedometer stands out by its animation and user-friendly interface.

Walking For Weight Loss

Walking For Weight Loss Walking For Weight Loss focuses on your weight loss journey. You can calculate your walking distance and lose weight simultaneously. There is a breakdown of the workout plan for three months. The routine is meticulously planned from day today. You can choose the level of workout among easy, medium, and hard. The app has an audio guide to navigating the exercise routine.  The app uses GPS to track your walking route. You can monitor calories, time, distance, and pace. There is a chart to track your progress. The chart can be set to focus on the type of physical exercise you want.  The app supports a music app like Spotify. You can make your routine walking entertaining. Or, you could choose to play motivational quotes and speech.  You get tips on weight loss and exercise techniques. You can share the progress of your fitness journey on social media. The sense of community can help you in a healthier lifestyle.


  • GPS map tracking
  • detailed workout plan
  • dieting tips
  • works well with music apps
  • The app has a detailed breakdown of the exercise routine.
  • The descriptive apps break down progress.
  • It works for both android and ios platforms.
  • The app uses GPS to track movement. It can significantly hamper your phone’s battery performance.

Bottom Line:

Walking For Weight Loss can work well if you want a lifestyle change. The professional workout routine can help you in living a healthier life.

Step Counter- Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter Step Counter- Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter can be your go-to walking distance calculator. It comes with a built-in sensor to count the steps. It doesn’t require the aid of GPS tracking on the phone. The censor can help save a considerable amount of battery.  The app can be downloaded and used on the go. Any sign-ins or other formality is not necessary. The features of the app are also free. The progress of the user can be viewed through graphs. The daily, weekly, and monthly breakdown of your progress can help you in your fitness journey.  The app is easy to use. It allows the user to pause the process while on a break during the walking routine. You can restart or continue the process. The app is compatible with Google drive. You can backup data your data for future use.


  • Built-in tracker
  • a graphical breakdown of movement
  • pause feature
  • free app
  • no sign-in required
  • The built-tracker saves battery.
  • The graphical breakdown of data helps maintain a fitness routine.
  • One can change the sensitivity of the step counter for accurate results.
  • The built-in feature may not work when the phone is unlocked. One needs to change your power-saving settings.
  • The feature may not work on the older version of phones.
  • It is not available for ios users.

Bottom Line:

Choose Step Counter- Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter for its built-in tracking feature and graphical breakdown of physical activity.

Step Counter Health and Activity Tracking

Step Counter Health and Activity Tracking Step Counter Health and Activity Tracking use both a built-in sensor and GPS tracker. The former is used for counting steps and the latter for walking, training, and cycling. The app can do it all: detecting one’s location and calculating distance, speed, and practice time.  It has a statistical breakdown of your achievements. You can choose to see the daily, weekly, or monthly data of your physical activity. The app also has a reminder for drinking water.  You can share fitness achievements with your friends and built a sense of community.


  • GPS tracker
  • built-in tracker
  • a statistical breakdown of data
  • reminder feature for drinking water
  • no sign-in required
  • The app breaks down your exercise data precisely.
  • The app has excellent accuracy as it uses both built-in sensors and GPS for tracking.
  • The steps counting may stop when your phone is locked. Make sure to look for the battery-saving settings.
  • If you shake your phone, the app will count that as steps.
  • It is only available for android users.

Bottom Line:

Step Counter Health and Activity Tracking is easy to use a pedometer. Choose it for its double-tracking feature.

Accupedo Pedometer- Step Counter

Accupedo Pedometer- Step Counter Accupedo Pedometer- Step Counter comes with an intelligent 3D motion algorithm. The technology distinguishes your walking activity from other physical movements. The feature can bring accuracy for tracking your walking distance calculation. There is also the option of GPS tracking of your physical activities.  Accupedo Pedometer comes with smart filtering of non-physical activity like driving. You don’t need to be worried about your progress being tampered. The app comes with charts for the breakdown of your progress. You can analyze your daily, weekly, and monthly activities. The app motivates you to move around with smart messages and motivational quotes.


  • intelligent 3D motion algorithm
  • GPS tracking
  • smart filtering of non-physical activity
  • charts for a breakdown of progress
  • The app has a smart option of filtering non-physical activity.
  • It works on android and ios platforms.
  • The app is compatible with Google fit and MyFitness Pal.
  • There is a power usage mode for energy saving.
  • The option of widget provides users, a glance at the progress.
  • The audio motivator can up your fitness game.
  • The app may be inaccurate if you use loose pants. The random moments may count as steps.
  • Some phones may not support the app when unlocked.

Bottom Line:

Choose Accupedo Pedometer- Step Counter for its intelligent 3D motion algorithm.

Pedometer-Step Counter & Tracking Your Steps

Pedometer-Step Counter & Tracking Your Steps Pedometer-Step Counter & Tracking Your Steps comes with a built-in sensor. There is no need for the network to track your steps. It doesn’t require any sign-ins. You can download the app and be on the go.  The app breaks down the daily, weekly, and monthly progress. You can keep track of your every physical movement. There is an option of achievement and badges. You get an appreciation for the completion of your goals.  You can calculate the walking distance, steps taken, and calories burned. There are also daily steps goals on the app.


  • Built-in activity tracker
  • steps goal
  • badges for achievement
  • no sign-in required
  • The app saves battery as GPS is not used for tracking.
  • There is no need for a network for the app to work.
  • The app has daily goals and rewards to motivate physical activity.
  • A detailed breakdown of daily, weekly, and monthly movement.
  • The app may not work on a locked phone due to the battery-saving mode of the phone.
  • It needs the latest version of the android phone.

Bottom Line:

Pedometer-Step Counter & Tracking Your Steps is a decent app. Use it to calculate walking distance and lose weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do apps calculate walking distance?

Apps utilize the built-in sensor or GPS to track your movements. In the case of a built-in tracker, make sure your phone setting is not stopping your app from working.

How many steps should one walk in a day?

There are no hard and fast steps for everyone. You can set your own goals depending on where you are in your fitness journey. 10,00 steps/day is a good target for a healthy adult. Make sure to start slow and eventually increase your goals.

Which is the best walking distance calculator?

There are varieties of apps present to calculate the distance to suit your specific needs. We have made a comprehensive list. Check out our apps review.

Do I need a fitness watch for a walking app?

No, a walking app does not necessarily require fitness watches or other gadgets. They work fine with the help of GPS or a built-in tracker. But you can use a fitness watch for better performance. Most of the apps available are compatible with fitness watch.

My walking app doesn’t work when unlocked. What to do?

Walking apps are built to work even when the phone is unlocked. However, the phone’s battery saving may stop the app from working. You should change your setting and make it app-friendly if the method doesn’t work check if the app is compatible with your device. You could also complain that the app develops regarding the problem.

Are walking distance calculator apps free?

Yes, varieties of walking distance calculator app come free. There are plenty of features present in the free option. You can opt for a premium option to get rid of the ads and get an extra element.

Is using a walking app unsafe data-wise?

Some apps may post your exercise data publicly. Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully. You can always opt to keep your data private from the app.

Will a walking app drain my battery?

Walking apps need to be on-work 24/7. Thus, they can drain the battery naturally. Opt for a built-in sensor app to save battery.

 How can I find how much I walked?

You can use walking apps to determine your steps, and the route traveled. The apps break down your daily, weekly, and monthly activity.

Should I pay a premium for my fitness app?

You can opt for a premium option to get all the features of the app. Go for the premium option after you have used the free version for a while. Premium works best when you are a hardcore fitness enthusiast. Otherwise, free apps available are also pretty decent.

Can I track my walking distance daily?

Yes, you can track your walking distance by a fitness app. You can follow your steps by the hour. The apps break down the activity using graphical presentations, charts, or animation.

Should I share my walking route publicly?

It is best to share your walking route with trusted friends and family for friends. But, if you are comfortable sharing the data, it is up to you.

Can I build a walking community with a walking distance calculator app?

Yes, you can. Many apps allow users to share their achievements with friends, family, and the global community. You can set goals and motivate each other to get fit.

Is too much walking bad?

Do not walk till it hurts your body badly. Aim for a 10,000/ day. You should eventually aim to increase your steps are you develop stamina. How much it takes to walk a mile? It takes an average person 15-20 minutes to walk a mile.

Can walking app calculate calorie burn?

Walking apps can calculate calorie burn. You have to add your weight and height for the best results accurately.

Is walking app worth it?

The walking app can accurately track your physical activity and show your progress. The app can be your friend in the fitness process.

Last Words

Walking distance calculator can make your life easy. No need to worry about your progress in the fitness journey. A glance at the app will put the whole history in front of you. The daily, weekly, and monthly physical activity report gives you a perspective of your progress. Utilize the app to become a fitter version of you. Take your steps slow and steadily and make it a habit. Aim for a lifestyle change instead of quick fixes.  We have twelve apps that can be a companion in your fitness journey. Chose the one that fits your criteria. Work towards a healthy lifestyle. Disclaimer: It is best to follow any advice at your discretion. Always remember to seek professional help before starting a significant physical activity. If you have a particular physical condition, ask for your doctor’s opinion.

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