Green Travel Plans

Green Travel Plans

Green Travel Plans

There are many great reasons to develop a green travel plan at work. Your organisation might be committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Perhaps you’re keen to encourage employees to travel more actively to improve their health. Or maybe you just have limited car parking at your site.

Whatever your reason, a green travel plan is a great idea. There are some useful resources on how to write and implement successful plans in the box at the bottom of this page.

Staff commuting

Did you know that employee commuting can be a significant (sometimes the largest!) contributor to your organisation’s carbon footprint? Switching all or part of a commuting journey from any mode of transport to walking will make a big positive impact on your emissions.

Plus there are many other benefits of walking to work.

If you’re serious about motivating your staff to travel actively to work, how about thinking up some great incentives? Here are some examples of ideas that other companies have successfully put in place:

  • Walkers’ breakfasts – the company provides a hearty breakfast once a month for everyone who regularly walks to work
  • Sustainable travel incentives – staff are paid a small amount of money (£0.50 or £1) each day they walk to work or arrive by public transport
  • Give your staff personalised information and resources. Many people get into a travel ‘rut’, and don’t realise that it can sometimes be quicker to walk a journey! How about providing every member of your team who lives within 2 miles of work with a map from their home to the office?

Business meetings and events

“Your site is excellent! I regularly travel to meetings at buildings I don't know, and find this one of the best tools available! Thank you.”
Jon, December 2009

“I love your website – has made my life so much easier explaining directions to my boss.”
Samantha, Personal Assistant, October 2009

We’re delighted that more than 60% of routes plotted on are journeys to business meetings. If your staff regularly travel to meetings outside your office or site, here are some ideas for encouraging them to walk rather than spending time on the tube or jumping in a taxi:

  • For frequently-visited meeting places, post walking maps and directions on your intranet
  • Also post walking times between your organisation’s sites (if they’re close together)
  • Have generously-sized company umbrellas available for staff who walk to meetings. They’ll arrive dry and unflustered… not to mention looking on-brand!

If you’re the organiser of a business meeting or event, consider sending your visitors walking directions as well as other forms of transport. At the top of every route result page, you’ll find a ‘Link’ button to help you do this.

“I recommend the website to anybody coming along to events we arrange across Scotland.”
Caroline, November 2009

Your visitors and customers

Finally, think about making your workplace a walking-friendly place to visit. Shop customers will want to browse and buy without being encumbered by umbrellas and coats. Office visitors will want to look smart and professional in their meeting. If you have the space, consider:

  • An area for people to change from their sensible walking shoes into their business shoes
  • A packet of shoe polish wipes in the WCs nearest to your office entrance
  • Somewhere for wet umbrellas

  • A cloakroom for coats, bags and wet weather gear

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