Walking with your children

Walking with your children

Walking with your children

The only walking that your children do needn't be just to and from school; walking is a great way to spend your family leisure time. And it doesn't have to be a drive to the countryside to walk up a hill either – there are plenty of walks that you can do around your local neighbourhood. How about having a walk around your home city and exploring some of the architecture and history of where you live?

If you fancy a walk around your local area, why not check out our circular walks feature. It will generate a route starting and ending at the same point, based on how long, or how far you would like to walk. Your kids will enjoy following the instructions and map around your neighbourhood, rather than walking to and from the same place on automatic pilot. And if you want further inspiration, there is a growing list of themed walks on our site, where you can have a go at someone else’s favourite journey and maybe even discover some hidden gems in your city.

Family walking

Walking games

If you're having trouble getting your kids enthused about walking, or they tend to get bored on longer walks, perhaps you could introduce some walking games. I-spy is of course a classic game that children of all ages can join in with. Or for younger children, how about a counting game; the number of red cars you see on your walk, or the number of squirrels and so on. Older children could be let loose with a digital camera to capture things that they spot during the walk. Perhaps you could set them some challenges of what they have to get a picture of along the way; a bus stop, some flowers, a postbox and so on. Or maybe how many blue things they can snap a picture of along the way. Or if you're not in a hurry, how about letting your kids collect things during your walk – take a small bucket or bag and let them pick up anything that interests them, conkers, odd shaped stones, colourful leaves. You could even go armed with gloves and grabbers and pick up litter on your way.

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