Rugby walking directions from Rugby Library to Technology Drive
0.9 miles, 18 mins, 77 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
0.9 miles 13 mins (fast) 87 Cal (fast) 0.08 kg train
1.4 km 18 mins (med) 77 Cal (med) 0.27 kg car
2070 steps 27 mins (slow) 74 Cal (slow) 0.16 kg bus
Route Map
  1. Start out along CAR PARK, heading north.
  2. After 54 metres continue straight onto FOOTPATH, heading north.
  3. After 100 metres continue onto CLOCK TOWERS SHOPPING CENTRE(MANNING WALK), heading north.
  4. After 150 metres bear left onto NORTH STREET, heading north.
  5. After 100 metres bear right onto PARK ROAD, heading north.
  6. After 1/2 kilometre continue straight onto WOODBRIDGE COURT, heading north.
  7. After 63 metres continue straight onto THE BLACK PATH FOOTBRIDGE, heading north.
  8. After 250 metres continue onto THE BLACK PATH, heading north.
  9. You will reach your destination 150 metres along THE BLACK PATH.

Example walks

Rugby Library to Warwickshire College, Rugby

0.9 miles 1.4 km
from to to
At medium pace: 18 mins / 79 Cal
CO2 saved (vs car): 0.29 kg

Rugby Station to Web Ellis Rugby Football Museum, Rugby

1.0 miles 1.6 km
from to to
At medium pace: 21 mins / 100 Cal
CO2 saved (vs car): 0.32 kg


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