London walking directions from euston to victoria station
2.8 miles, 56 mins, 254 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
2.8 miles 42 mins (fast) 287 Cal (fast) 0.33 kg tube
4.5 km 56 mins (med) 254 Cal (med) 0.92 kg car
6460 steps 1 hr 24 mins (slow) 245 Cal (slow) 0.66 kg bus
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Route Map

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@ hrs mins

  1. Start out along EUSTON STATION CONCOURSE, heading south.
  2. After 65 yards continue onto EXIT 2 - EUSTON ROAD, heading south.
  3. After 9 yards continue straight onto EUSTON SQUARE, heading south.
  4. After 150 yards turn left onto EUSTON ROAD, heading north.
  5. After 16 yards turn right onto PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, heading south.
  6. After 24 yards bear left onto GORDON STREET, heading south.
    • You’ll pass BLOOMSBURY THEATRE.
  7. After 250 yards continue straight onto GORDON SQUARE, heading south.
  8. After 150 yards turn right onto BYNG PLACE, heading south.
  9. After 62 yards continue onto TORRINGTON PLACE, heading south.
  10. After 55 yards turn left onto MALET STREET, heading south.
    • You’ll eventually pass SCH. SLAVONIC AND E. EUROSTUDIES.
  11. After 250 yards turn right onto KEPPEL STREET, heading south.
  12. After 78 yards turn left onto GOWER STREET, heading south.
    • You’ll initially pass STAUNTON HOTEL.
  13. After 97 yards continue onto BEDFORD SQUARE, heading south.
  14. After 98 yards continue straight onto BLOOMSBURY STREET, heading south.
    • You’ll pass GRESHAM HOTELpass You’ll eventually pass MARLBOROUGH HOTEL OR MOTEL.
  15. After 250 yards continue straight onto BLOOMSBURY AVENUE, heading south.
  16. After 87 yards bear right onto SHAFTESBURY AVENUE, heading south.
  17. After 150 yards turn left onto MONMOUTH STREET, heading south.
    • You’ll soon pass SEVEN DIALS HOTELpass You’ll pass COVENT GARDEN HOTEL.
  18. After 250 yards continue straight onto UPPER ST MARTIN’S LANE, heading south.
  19. After 103 yards continue onto ST MARTIN’S LANE, heading south.
    • You’ll soon pass ALBERY THEATRE, You’ll eventually pass DUKE OF YORKS THEATRE, You’ll eventually pass ST MARTINS LANE HOTELpass You’ll eventually pass LONDON COLISEUM THEATRE.
  20. After 250 yards continue straight onto ST MARTIN’S PLACE, heading south.
    • You’ll initially pass LONDON BRASS RUBBING CENTREpass You’ll pass ST MARTIN IN THE FIELDS.
  21. After 150 yards continue onto TRAFALGAR SQUARE, heading south.
  22. Go to the right around the roundabout, 150 yards on, and then turn off onto THE MALL, heading south .
    • You’ll eventually pass ST JAMES’S PARK.
  23. After 3/4 mile bear left, heading south.
  24. After 250 yards turn right onto BIRDCAGE WALK, heading west.
  25. After 16 yards bear left onto BUCKINGHAM GATE, heading south.
    • You’ll pass QUEENS GALLERYpass You’ll pass ROYAL MEWS.
  26. After 250 yards continue straight onto BUCKINGHAM PALACE ROAD, heading south.
    • You’ll soon pass NO 41 HOTEL OR MOTELpass You’ll eventually pass THISTLE WESTMINSTER HOTEL OR MOTEL.
  27. After 1/4 mile turn left onto TERMINUS PLACE at EUROCHANGE HOTEL & RESERVATIONS , SHAKESPEARE TAVERN , heading south.
  28. You will reach your destination 37 yards along TERMINUS PLACE.

Example walks

Paddington Station to Buckingham Palace

2.1 miles 3.4 km
from to to
At medium pace: 42 mins / 192 Cal
CO2 saved (vs car): 0.69 kg

Victoria Station to Covent Garden

1.7 miles 2.7 km
from to to
At medium pace: 36 mins / 171 Cal
CO2 saved (vs car): 0.58 kg

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