London walking directions from Waterloo Station to Joan Street
0.4 miles, 7 mins, 35 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
0.4 miles 5 mins (fast) 39 Cal (fast) 0.03 kg tube
0.6 km 7 mins (med) 35 Cal (med) 0.11 kg car
870 steps 11 mins (slow) 33 Cal (slow) 0.05 kg bus
Route Map

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I intend to walk will avoid road or path closures that we know will impact you journey on:

@ hrs mins

  1. Start out along WATERLOO STATION CONCOURSE, heading south.
  2. After 53 metres turn left onto EXIT 2 FOR WATERLOO ROAD, heading north.
  3. After 39 metres continue onto PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, heading north.
  4. After 7 metres turn left onto WATERLOO ROAD, heading north.
  5. After 29 metres turn right onto SANDELL STREET, heading north.
  6. After 100 metres turn left onto CORNWALL ROAD, heading north.
  7. After 32 metres turn right onto BRAD STREET, heading east.
  8. After 100 metres turn left onto WINDMILL WALK, heading north.
  9. After 28 metres turn right onto ROUPELL STREET, heading east.
  10. After 150 metres turn right onto HATFIELDS, heading south.
  11. You will reach your destination 51 metres along HATFIELDS.

Example walks

Paddington Station to Buckingham Palace

2.1 miles 3.4 km
from to to
At medium pace: 42 mins / 192 Cal
CO2 saved (vs car): 0.69 kg

Victoria Station to Covent Garden

1.7 miles 2.7 km
from to to
At medium pace: 36 mins / 171 Cal
CO2 saved (vs car): 0.58 kg



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