London walking directions from Kings Cross Station to Trafalgar Square
1.8 miles, 37 mins, 171 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
1.8 miles 28 mins (fast) 192 Cal (fast) 0.16 kg tube
2.9 km 37 mins (med) 171 Cal (med) 0.55 kg car
4230 steps 56 mins (slow) 165 Cal (slow) 0.23 kg bus
Route Map

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I intend to walk will avoid road or path closures that we know will impact you journey on:

@ hrs mins

  1. Start out along CRESTFIELD STREET, heading south.
  2. After 100 metres continue onto ARGYLE SQUARE at , heading south.
    • You’ll initially pass EUROPEAN HOTEL.
  3. After 150 metres turn left onto ARGYLE STREET, heading east.
  4. After 13 metres turn right onto LOXHAM STREET, heading south.
  5. After 40 metres turn right onto ARGYLE WALK, heading west.
  6. After 42 metres turn left onto TANKERTON STREET, heading south.
  7. After 48 metres turn right onto CROMER STREET, heading west.
  8. After 59 metres turn left onto HARRISON STREET, heading south.
  9. After 42 metres continue straight onto PEDESTRIAN AND CYCLE PATH, heading south.
  10. After 29 metres turn right, heading west.
  11. After 45 metres bear left onto WAKEFIELD STREET, heading south.
  12. After 150 metres continue straight onto HANDEL STREET, heading south.
  13. After 100 metres turn left onto HUNTER STREET, heading south.
  14. After 100 metres continue straight onto THE BRUNSWICK CENTRE RAMP, heading south.
  15. After 65 metres turn right onto THE BRUNSWICK CENTRE, heading west.
  16. After 100 metres continue straight onto THE BRUNSWICK CENTRE RAMP, heading south.
  17. After 25 metres continue straight onto BERNARD STREET, heading west.
  18. After 150 metres turn left onto RUSSELL SQUARE GARDENS, heading south.
  19. After 250 metres continue straight onto PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, heading south.
  20. After 17 metres bear right onto RUSSELL SQUARE, heading south.
  21. After 12 metres turn left onto MONTAGUE STREET, heading south.
    • You’ll pass GRANGE BLOOMS HOTELpass You’ll pass RUSKIN HOTEL.
  22. After 250 metres turn right onto GREAT RUSSELL STREET, heading south.
  23. After 26 metres turn left onto BURY PLACE, heading south.
  24. After 49 metres turn right onto LITTLE RUSSELL STREET, heading south.
  25. After 150 metres turn left onto COPTIC STREET, heading south.
  26. After 55 metres bear right onto SHAFTESBURY AVENUE, heading south.
    • You’ll pass SHAFTESBURY THEATRE.
  27. After 250 metres turn left onto MONMOUTH STREET, heading south.
    • You’ll soon pass SEVEN DIALS HOTELpass You’ll pass COVENT GARDEN HOTEL.
  28. After 250 metres continue straight onto UPPER ST MARTIN’S LANE, heading south.
  29. After 100 metres continue onto ST MARTIN’S LANE, heading south.
    • You’ll soon pass ALBERY THEATRE, You’ll eventually pass DUKE OF YORKS THEATRE, You’ll eventually pass ST MARTINS LANE HOTELpass You’ll eventually pass LONDON COLISEUM THEATRE.
  30. After 250 metres continue straight onto ST MARTIN’S PLACE, heading south.
  31. After 100 metres turn right onto PEDESTRIAN CROSSING at , heading west.
  32. After 7 metres turn right onto ST MARTIN’S PLACE, heading north.
  33. You will reach your destination 19 metres along ST MARTIN’S PLACE.

Example walks

Paddington Station to Buckingham Palace

2.1 miles 3.4 km
from to to
At medium pace: 42 mins / 192 Cal
CO2 saved (vs car): 0.69 kg

Victoria Station to Covent Garden

1.7 miles 2.7 km
from to to
At medium pace: 36 mins / 171 Cal
CO2 saved (vs car): 0.58 kg



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