Edinburgh walking directions from Waverley Station to McEwan Hall
0.7 miles, 16 mins, 76 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
0.7 miles 12 mins (fast) 83 Cal (fast) 0.06 kg train
1.1 km 16 mins (med) 76 Cal (med) 0.2 kg car
1530 steps 25 mins (slow) 74 Cal (slow) 0.12 kg bus
Route Map
  1. Start out along WAVERLEY STATION CONCOURSE, heading east.
  2. After 22 metres turn sharp left onto STEPS, heading west.
  3. After 11 metres continue onto WAVERLEY STATION MEZZANINE BRIDGE, heading north.
  4. After 150 metres continue onto EXIT 3 - MARKET STREET, heading south.
  5. After 11 metres turn right onto MARKET STREET, heading west.
  6. After 5 metres turn left onto FLESHMARKET CLOSE, heading south.
  7. After 100 metres bear left onto COCKBURN STREET, heading south.
  8. After 55 metres turn left onto ROYAL MILE, heading east.
  9. After 12 metres turn right onto HUNTER SQUARE, heading south.
  10. After 100 metres continue straight onto SOUTH BRIDGE, heading south.
  11. After 250 metres turn right onto SOUTH COLLEGE STREET, heading west.
  12. After 150 metres bear left onto LOTHIAN STREET, heading south.
  13. After 100 metres turn left onto BRIGHTON STREET, heading south.
  14. After 6 metres turn right onto POTTERROW, heading south.
  15. You will reach your destination 100 metres along POTTERROW.

Example walks

Waverley Station to McEwan Hall

0.6 miles 1 km
from to to
At medium pace: 11 mins / 52 Cal
CO2 saved (vs car): 0.19 kg

St Andrew Square to Royal Botanic Garden

1.2 miles 1.9 km
from to to
At medium pace: 24 mins / 115 Cal
CO2 saved (vs car): 0.41 kg


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