Sunderland – Pemberton to Shipwrights walk – by michellenoble
1.2 miles, 26 mins, 125 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
1.2 miles 20 mins (fast) 139 Cal (fast) 0.11 kg metro
2 km 26 mins (med) 125 Cal (med) 0.37 kg car
2820 steps 40 mins (slow) 121 Cal (slow) 0.21 kg bus
Route Map
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Pemberton to Shipwrights walk


by michellenoble. More by this author

Health Walk Green travel event

  1. leave Pemberton car park and cross the road on to the path adjacent to Rapier house, walk along the path
  2. Cross the road just beofre the bus stop, you should be able to see the sign for Defender court, and there is a dropped kerb on either side of the road
  3. One crossing the road you should see a crossing which takes you through the car park and behind the buildings to the cycle path whihc runs parrallel to the river
  4. continue to follow the cycle path along until you walk up a slight incline whihc takes you out on to the footpath alongside Wessington way
  5. continue a short distance along this path and it will drop again taking you back down along the cycle path
  6. continue along the cycle path until it comes out on to the road and take th epath to your left
  7. continue along the roadside down Ferryboat lane until you reach the Shipwrights pub
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