Luton & Dunstable – Historic Duntable 2 – by DerekSmulders
2.5 miles, 49 mins, 228 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
2.5 miles 37 mins (fast) 257 Cal (fast) 0.22 kg train
4 km 49 mins (med) 228 Cal (med) 0.74 kg car
5715 steps 1 hr 14 mins (slow) 220 Cal (slow) 0.43 kg bus
Route Map
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Historic Duntable 2

Luton & Dunstable

by DerekSmulders. More by this author

  1. Beware at side lanes. More care needed at Friars Walk crossing.
  2. Use Pelican Crossing to cross A5. 15 second light green. As we walk towards Priory House groups need to be aware of side entrances
  3. Care to be taken crossing Priory Road. Group to use Pelican Crossing- 7 second.
  4. Beware of HGVs entering building site
  5. Cross Busway at designated crossing. Tell group to be aware of cyclists on dual use path.
  6. Cross road via Pelican Crossing- 5 seconds.
  7. Cross busway at designated crossing
  8. As we join Crabtree Way warn that we will be crossing cycle path
  9. Danger of squirrels getting underfoot chased by dogs
  10. Warn group we will re-join main High Street and will cross A5 by Pelican Crossing. 2 side streets will need crossing with care. Individual care needed as well as Walk Leader instructions.
  11. Care taken to cross Matthew Street. This leads to Pelican Crossing to cross West Street
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