Luton & Dunstable – Dunstable Walk 4 – by alisterbarclay
2.2 miles, 44 mins, 206 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
2.2 miles 33 mins (fast) 231 Cal (fast) 0.2 kg train
3.6 km 44 mins (med) 206 Cal (med) 0.67 kg car
5140 steps 1 hr 6 mins (slow) 198 Cal (slow) 0.39 kg bus
Route Map
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Dunstable Walk 4

Luton & Dunstable

by alisterbarclay. More by this author

Walk can be done clockwise or anticlockwise. Heads up to Dunstable Downs so includes a steep hill.

  1. Stick to path through car park. When crossing, look out for slow moving cars. Busy car park.
  2. Can use footpath through Swan Ct or through Bennett’s Rec.
  3. Look out for occasional cyclists and warn walkers.
  4. Steep hill use bench. If necessary, walkers who struggle can wait here and you can return this way too and come back along West Street rather than coming up and over Downs.
  5. Steep, uneven hill. If necessary, walkers can wait at an appropriate place and rest of group can retrace steps rather than going up and over downs. Take care if descending.
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