Luton & Dunstable – Dunstable Walk 3 – by alisterbarclay
2.2 miles, 44 mins, 207 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
2.2 miles 33 mins (fast) 233 Cal (fast) 0.2 kg train
3.6 km 44 mins (med) 207 Cal (med) 0.67 kg car
5185 steps 1 hr 7 mins (slow) 200 Cal (slow) 0.39 kg bus
Route Map
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Dunstable Walk 3

Luton & Dunstable

by alisterbarclay. More by this author

Can be done clockwise or anticlockwise. Not as scenic as other walks, but takes a useful cut through to Meadway and Spoondell towards Dunstable Downs and heads back through Victorian streets within sight of the old windmill and the old grounds for Ashton

  1. Walk goes through Wilkinsons car park. Stick to the pedestrian route and be aware when crossing for slow moving traffic. It is a busy car park.
  2. Can use path through Swan Court or go through Bennett’s Rec.
  3. Cemetery Lane: look out for occasional cyclists and warn walkers if necessary.
  4. Spoondell is a bit mazy. The first right turn is a dead end, but take second with road sign Quarry Walk. Path quite narrow.
  5. Across grass through park. A bit of an incline. Can get a little slippy and muddy. Look out for dog poo and if necessary warn walkers.
  6. Cross at lights in West Street. Backtrack slightly and go up footpath.
  7. Views of windmill and Ashton Field. Field is privately owned.
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