Luton & Dunstable – 4 mile muddy puddle walk – by alisterbarclay
4.2 miles, 1 hr 24 mins, 390 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
4.2 miles 1 hr 3 mins (fast) 439 Cal (fast) 0.37 kg train
6.8 km 1 hr 24 mins (med) 390 Cal (med) 1.27 kg car
9770 steps 2 hrs 6 mins (slow) 377 Cal (slow) 0.74 kg bus
Route Map
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4 mile muddy puddle walk

Luton & Dunstable

by alisterbarclay. More by this author

More challenging for older children and parents.

  1. Left turn at new house over railway bridge onto muddy bridleway
  2. Walk alongside railway track until gate, where sharp left turn at bottom of hill.
  3. Left across main path at woods, to follow edge of fields (to right) along bridlepath
  4. Right turn up hill behind round wood.
  5. At top of hill by wood, turn left towards Nomansland.
  6. Follow path beside Nomansland to Ayres End Lane by farm.
  7. Take left along boardwalk. Wires reduce slippiness.
  8. Cross Ayres End Lane onto Cinder Track - poor visibility
  9. Cross Pipers Lane at junction - may be flooded.
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