Coventry – Canley Walk – by sarahpaine
2.5 miles, 55 mins, 250 Cal (med pace)

Distance Time Calories CO2 Saved
2.5 miles 41 mins (fast) 279 Cal (fast) 0.22 kg train
4.1 km 55 mins (med) 250 Cal (med) 0.76 kg car
5850 steps 1 hr 22 mins (slow) 242 Cal (slow) 0.44 kg bus
Route Map
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Canley Walk


by sarahpaine. More by this author

Walk from Xcel Centre up towards Charter Avenue. Go through Ten Shilling Wood across open land, then through Park Wood, then around the nature reserve and back to follow the outline of Park Wood until you reach a row of mature oak trees. Turn right and f

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