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We know there is no such thing as an average walker

And at we want to provide a great service to everyone: speedy walkers, leisurely walkers, those of you with legs up to your armpits, modern metric types as well as good old imperial ones, activity-trackers, step-counters, and planet-savers.



Personalise your route results.
Tell us a bit about yourself, and we’ll give you more accurate journey times, step counts and calorie burn information

Your mywalkit membership lets you:

  • Define your usual walking paceFor more accurate route timings

  • Enter your weight and genderFor more accurate calorie burn statistics

  • Enter your stride lengthFor more accurate step counts(don’t worry – we can estimate this for you)

  • See your route results in either miles or kilometres

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Want multiple circular walks, or to keep a log of your walks and track your progress towards your health
or carbon-saving goals?
mywalkit+ is perfect for you

Your mywalkit+ membership gives you all of the great benefits of mywalkit and also lets you:

  • Discover your personal walking world! newSee what’s nearby on foot, according to a variety of times or distances, by generating a 'walking zone' around any postcode, AKA an 'isochrone'.

  • Define up to 3 different speeds personal to you Perhaps a slow speed for leisurely walking, a faster speed for power walking, and even a jogging speed.

  • Save your walking routes.All the routes you plan are saved in your dashboard

  • Bank your walks We’ll store your details so you can build up a record (including charts) of your walking achievements

  • Choose your circular route by distance.You can now select a circular route by distance (not just time) – great if you’re following a training regime.

  • Multiple circular routesWe now offer 5 alternative routes from the same point, so you can really explore your ’hood.

  • Key places Save your own custom locations – e.g. ‘home’, ‘work’, ‘school’.

  • Plot your favourite routes Plot, save and bank specific routes - e.g. local interest, nature, running circuits, bike rides etc.

  • Watch your weight See how your walking is helping you to shed the pounds/kilos

  • Reduce your carbon footprint Record the CO2 you’ve avoided by walking

  • Aim for 10,000 a day Log the number of steps you’ve taken this week, month or year

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