Advertising & Sponsorship

Advertising & Sponsorship

Advertising and sponsorship

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Smart people who want to get around town on foot use

We have a growing base of loyal users - currently, every month over 125,000 absolute unique users visit over 180,000 times and are served over 575,000 page impressions. Over 65% of our visitors are aged 25-44, the ladies slightly outnumber the gentlemen, and over 80% are educated to at least a degree, or degree-equivalent, standard (over 25% are postgrads).

You can find out more in our 2010 user survey.

If you want to promote your company, organisation, campaign, product or service to 1000s of these people every day - people who are (or aspire to be!) healthy, green, and urban-savvy - then please download our media pack and get in touch.

Options include text and display advertising on the site and in our newsletter, sponsorship of the whole site, city pages, or micro-sites, or bespoke promotion of specific products, services, campaigns or events. We can also geo-target your advertising so that you can reach a specific city, or city neighbourhood.

Any questions - contact us on [email protected].


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