Guest blog: Don’t get caught in the rain this summer


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Guest blog: Don't get caught in the rain this summer

Posted 21 July 2011 10:53 by martin

The UK is experiencing one of the wettest summers ever. But have you got your waterproofs packed? City worker Adam of GO Outdoors explains why waterproof clothing is so essential for this summer.

Wherever you go in London, you have to walk a good deal of it. Whether you're commuting to work or enjoying the sights, sounds and scents of the city at the weekend, you're going to cross most of it on foot. Which is just as well, because London looks fantastic on a warm, sunny day.

Unfortunately, the weather's taken a turn for the worse, so when I left the office recently after a hard day's work to be greeted by torrential rain, I found nowhere to hide from the constant downpours.

City worker in rain

There's absolutely no cover in the city and certainly not enough trees to walk under and try to stay dry like out in the country.

Fortunately, I'd flat packed a waterproof jacket in my bag! My other half had bought it for my birthday and I remember commenting how it was rather redundant in the middle of summer. But it turned out to be the perfect gift after all.

So as I walked to the underground station, safely wrapped in jacket with hood up and hands in pockets, others ran in the rain, took shelter in bars and coffee shops or simply stayed at work.

When you consider how many people have invested in smart phones and similar sleek accessories, it's surprising how few have packable waterproof jackets. Nowadays waterproof clothing tends to look very smart as well, so it's not like you have to publicly embarrass yourself by wearing a bright red cagoule!

Best of all, if you walk to and from work to keep fit you don't have to worry about getting wet, even if it's preferable to cramming on to a bus. However, for my longer walks I am considering some waterproof trousers as well. There's only so much a waterproof jacket can protect -and that doesn't usually include your legs.

Strangely, an almost Batman-like transformation seems to take place as you pull packable waterproof clothes from out of an office briefcase before marching off into the rain. Clients also seem impressed when you arrive and quickly pack all your waterproofs away in impeccable style. Ironically, this kind of clothing is reasonably affordable and available to everyone.

Meanwhile, I plan to meet up with some friends in central London this weekend for a sightseeing stroll. So while it looks like the weather could stay warm and sunny this Sunday, I can easily pack my waterproof jacket into my rucksack just in case.

When waterproof jackets (Berghaus and North Face in particular) are affordable, smartly styled and easy to flat pack, it really is a surprise just how few people have them.

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