Product review: Skechers Tone Ups Chalet Boot


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Product review: Skechers Tone Ups Chalet Boot

Posted 11 April 2011 10:00 by martin

Guest post: shoe review from Helen Parretti


I have been interested in trying some Tone Ups for quite a while, but have been put off from trying them as all the styles I had seen were based on a trainer. I am a working mum with little time for formal exercise, so the exercise I do get tends to be based around casual walking (usually with my 19 month old!). Therefore I was interested in a product that would help me maximise the exercise I do get, but also look appropriate for casual exercise. I was very excited to find Skechers Chalet boots, which seemed to fit the bill. They also looked smart enough to be worn at work, increasing the amount of time I would be able to wear them significantly.

Their style is similar to Uggs (which I already own), but have the added claimed benefit of toning your legs and increasing the calories burnt while walking. I am one of those unfortunate people who usually finds it difficult to find shoes that don't give me blisters and need quite a long wearing-in period. I was expecting to have this problem with these boots, particularly as your feet just slip inside them. I was pleasantly (very) surprised to find they were completely comfortable from their first wearing (which was for a few hours of casual walking) – no blisters or sore areas at all! I was also expecting them to feel unstable, but didn't experience any problems with this at all. Indeed, I didn't notice a huge difference between wearing these and a “normal” pair of boots, except I seemed to be “pushing off” on my stride with more power.

I haven't really worn them for long enough to see if the claims about toning and calorie burning are true, but I'm crossing my fingers and in the meantime I'm happy to wear these boots anyway! I would definitely recommend these boots to a friend.

I am now looking for a lighter weight pair of Tone Ups to wear both at work and home (as I did with the boots) over the summer.

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