Our April fool turned into everyday reality


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Our April fool turned into everyday reality

Posted 5 April 2011 09:03 by martin

It was nice to see a positive reaction on Twitter to our April Fool.

But why should it have to be a fool?  It's more than doable.  Or is Christian Wolmar right when he says it would take too much imagination and courage?  After all, even the modest proposals for a 'Year of Walking'  in London in 2011 were abandoned.

Of course there has been lots of progress in many UK cities in gradually civilising public spaces, and shifting the 'balance of power' towards pedestrians.  But it is painfully, painfully slow.

There's no British Jan Gehl ('Urban Quality Consultants'), and certainly no political leadership to make his kind of urban vision reality, at scale.

Is Copenhagen really such a ghastly place?  Take a look at this great little film from Streetfilms – dare to look me in the (virtual) eye and tell me that these streets would be improved by more, and faster, cars.

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