2011 January


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Boris Johnson, Guy Watson and behaviour change

There was a professor talking on the radio this morning about 'nudge' theory.  It put me in mind of two things I've read recently. Here's Guy Watson, of Riverford Organic Vegetables Limited, talking about what might make him behave differently: […]

20s Plenty

Twenty’s Plenty

26 January 2011 by martin 0 comments

There is a growing body of evidence supporting the implementation of a 20 mph speed limit in residential areas, including this recent report by the NHS, examining road traffic collisions and casualties in the North West of England, which currently […]


Walking on water

25 January 2011 by martin 0 comments

The London River Park; a mile-long floating walkway along the North back of the Thames, has won the Mayor's award for Planning Excellence at the 2010 London Planning Awards. The concept comes from global architects and planners Gensler, who have […]

LTA logo

We're very excited to announce that walkit.com have been shortlisted in the “Excellence in Travel Information & Marketing” category for the London Transport Awards, run by the Transport Times. The London Transport Awards are about recognising excellence in transport, rewarding […]


The Government has today released a white paper entitled “Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon – Making Local Sustainable Transport Happen”. This outlines details of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (for England): a £560 million funding stream for local authorities to develop […]


Getting teenagers walking

14 January 2011 by martin 0 comments

We're pleased to announce that Plings have started using walkit.com to provide their users with directions to the locations of many of their activities. If you've never heard of it, Plings is the first national source of information about brilliant, […]

2009 v 2010 absolute unique visitors

We're very pleased to report that we broke through the 1 million 'absolute unique visitors' mark last year – hitting 1,018,504 (up from 581,060 in 2009). According to Google Analytics (the traffic tracking software we use), absolute unique visitors represent […]

Guardian StartHappy

The Guardian loves walkit.com

13 January 2011 by martin 0 comments

Last week we told you how much we were loving the Guardian and Observer's Start Happy season, which is designed to help you avoid those January blues by eating well, sleeping well and exercising. Well, it seems the feeling is […]



10 January 2011 by martin 0 comments

ways2work is a new web-based tool providing practical guidance in promoting sustainable travel and flexible working in companies, as a strategic part of a business improvement programme. Business is still generally being conducted as it was years ago, despite the […]


Walking Cambridge to Kent

6 January 2011 by martin 0 comments

In December this year, “The Oar Raisers” aka Tom Dignum and Chris Howard, will be rowing the 2500 Nautical miles across the Atlantic to raise money for Parkinson's UK. An ambitious challenge I'm sure you'll agree! But before the boys […]

Guardian StartHappy

Happy new year

4 January 2011 by martin 0 comments

Happy new year from all of us here at the walkit.com team! It's only the 4th of January, so hopefully you're all still full of good intentions and resolutions to exercise more, eat better, drink less, do your bit for […]

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