Tips for walking in snow and ice


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Tips for walking in snow and ice

Posted 20 December 2010 16:32 by martin

With most of the UK blanketed in snow, and freezing conditions set to stick around for the next few days, travelling has become pretty chaotic. With public transport services reduced and driving conditions extremely dangerous, you may be relying on your two feet for more of your local journeys than usual.

Walkers in snow

While this means you can get out and enjoy the Winter Wonderland, and also get a bit of a workout – (walking in snow uses more energy then normal walking) – it can be pretty treacherous out there. So here are some tips for getting around on foot in snow and ice.
  • Wear suitable footwear – avoid leather or plastic soles with poor grip.
  • Try not to carry too much. If you do need to take things with you, a backpack is better than a shoulder bag, as it keeps your arms free and helps you to maintain balance.
  • Take smaller steps – reducing your stride length can also help to maintain your balance.
  • Slow your pace. Remember to allow extra time for any journeys you are making.
  • Fresh snow is easier to walk on than snow that has been compacted by many other pairs of feet or vehicles.
  • It's also easier to walk on a grassy bank covered in snow, rather than snow-covered concrete. This will also be less painful if you fall!
  • When crossing roads, remember that cars may not be able to stop as easily as usual. And allow more time than usual for you to walk across any roads.
  • If you need to walk in the road, walk against the flow of traffic, and wear bright clothing.
  • Most importantly, watch where you are stepping! Don't rush, and look where you're placing your feet.
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  1. Mark Stanley says:

    January 3rd, 2011 at 12:00 pm (#)

    My friend Wazz recommends – which have helped her no end this winter.

    My partner fell over 3 times on our last walk (see the walk2012 website for the tale!) and her approach is to wrap herself in loads of woollen things to cushion the fall!

    Cheers, Mark

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