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Energy Saving Week

Posted 25 October 2010 11:56 by martin

Energy Saving Week

The Energy Saving Trust are running their annual Energy Saving Week from the 25th to the 29th of October. The week involves providing advice, tools and support to groups, organisations and individuals in order for them to take control of managing and reducing energy use. The EST want to cover all areas of energy use including that used at home, at work and when travelling.

So this is where comes in! Friday 29th October is Travel Day, so we're asking you lot to consider the energy implications of the way you travel. If you live near enough to work to walk or cycle, then great – keep doing what you're doing! But we are aware that not everyone can power themselves to work everyday – sometimes it's just too far!

But what we are asking you lot to do on Friday is to pledge to get some walking in your commute. Whether you get off the bus a few stops early and walk the rest of the way, or walk a larger chunk of the way home when you've got more time. You could walk to a meeting or lunch that you would normally take a taxi to – the walk will help you to relax and focus on what you need to get out of your meeting. If you usually drive door to door, why not switch to public transport – it will get you walking to and from the bus stop or train station and will also give you the time to read a newspaper or book or catch up on your e-mails – things you wouldn't ordinarily be able to do whilst driving.

Let us know what you have planned for the day. You can comment on the blog, or tell us on facebook or twitter. And we'd love you to share any photos you've taken whilst out walking with us too! Send a twitpic to @walkitcom or upload them to our facebook page.

Everyone making small changes can amount to big changes overall, and big energy savings! Making walking a chunk of your daily commute will also have health benefits and allow you to explore your local surroundings in a way that you can only really do on foot.

And if you want any advice on other aspects of energy saving, you can browse the Energy Saving Trust's website, or give them a call on free phone 0800 512 012.

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