Aaah my spine! – how walking relieved my back injury


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Aaah my spine! - how walking relieved my back injury

Posted 23 September 2010 12:11 by martin

Guest post from Adam Smith of Fitness Footwear

Have you ever considered how much time you spend sitting during the day? I didn't until I couldn't sit down comfortably due to a back injury. And the only way to relieve the symptoms was to walk regularly.

As it turns out, I'd sprained my lower vertebrae throwing heavy metal objects into a skip at work. The resultant muscle spasms made it painful to sit, crouch and sometimes even stand.

The pain went away after a day or so. And as a typical man, I paid it no mind for a whole year until reaching across the dining room table for the tomato ketchup, which caused the injury to flare up once again, leaving me unable to sit or even stand properly!

An expensive trip to the chiropractor later and I was on the mend, but strongly advised to keep walking and sit up straight. My injury was put down to bad sitting posture and poor form when bending and lifting.

So if you find yourself sitting to eat breakfast, driving to work, sitting at your work station, getting home and sitting to watch TV and then sitting at the computer in the evenings, make sure you sit properly and walk often.

While you may not find yourself throwing heavy objects about the place, you may certainly find yourself stretching to reach the ketchup or the top shelf, so it's important to look after your back.

I now take a stroll three times a day. Even if it's just for 10 minutes, it does my injury the world of good by loosening up the muscles.

Even though the weather's turning cold, wet and windy, it's important to keep walking and maintaining a good routine. I'll just need a new brolly and a good pair of walking boots for when the ground turns muddy.

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  1. kinsden says:

    October 14th, 2010 at 11:22 am (#)

    Adam, I can fully relate to this. I am suffering from sciatica for almost a year now and used to get severe backache as well as pinched nerve traumas every so often until I took up walking (and other exercise). I bought myself a pair of MBT shoes (anti-shoe, should I say) and they have helped me a lot – strengthening my leg muscles, taking stress off my knees and improving my posture to say the least. And also walking is more fun now so much that I have almost become addictive to it. And it certainly helps!! (God, why wasn't I walking regularly for all these years…aargh :~/ )

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