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Why car-lite cities are possible

Why car-lite cities are possible

29 September 2010 by martin 0 comments

Great video (ref: the always interesting copenhagenize.com)

Proof that Google has more money than sense?

A couple of years ago, google.org (the company's philanthropic arm) launched its “10 to the power of 100” (= the number 'googol') campaign. They invited people to submit ideas that would “change the world by helping as many people as […]


ITV’s Walk4Life Day – 26.9.10

24 September 2010 by martin 0 comments

This Sunday 26th September, ITV’s Walk4Life Day is taking place. The aim of the day is to encourage people to walk more, and many organised walks will be taking place around the country, with support from Walk England, Natural England, […]

Aaah my spine! – how walking relieved my back injury

Guest post from Adam Smith of Fitness Footwear Have you ever considered how much time you spend sitting during the day? I didn't until I couldn't sit down comfortably due to a back injury. And the only way to relieve […]

Should all towns and cities adopt a 20mph speed limit?

Many years ago, when passing a primary school, I cycled straight into a kid who ran out into the road from between two parked cars.  He went flying and I went flying.  I was badly shaken and bruised, and he […]


Can you spot the last three London tube strikes…?! We're not exactly saying that we look forward to tube strikes, but Bob Crow does unwittingly hand us a great marketing boost every year or so. Frustratingly, we didn't quite manage […]

Tube Strike

So, it seems that tube strikes are set to go ahead, with union members expected to walk out on four specified dates, the first being Monday 6th September. Strikes are due to start at 17.00 and continue for 24 hours, […]

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