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Living Streets campaign

Posted 2 August 2010 10:47 by martin

Our good friends at Living Streets are pushing the new coalition government to commit to transport and planning policies that will transform the built environment into a safer, more pedestrian-friendly one for all users to enjoy.

Safer streets mean that more parents would allow their children to walk to and from school, thus improving their health through exercise. Safer streets mean having lower speed limits, which would increase the number of people using local public spaces and choosing to walk or cycle rather than taking their car, and also reduce the number of casualties in road accidents.

Living Streets

During the run-up to the election all the major parties launched their ‘green manifestos’. However this doesn’t ensure that the current government will make the changes necessary to improve the balance between the rights of pedestrians and the priority given to vehicles on our streets. Andrew Gray is one of the many political party members who pledged their support: “Decisions on street design are still being made by highway departments with the interests of road traffic uppermost, and with trees, furniture, pedestrians etc 'slotted in' later, often with difficulty.”

Living Streets want to ensure that the Government realises the importance of safe and attractive streets for pedestrians, and have therefore launched a ‘100 days of new government’ campaign, in order to drive support for this important and challenging task.

If you want reduced carbon emissions and congestion, improved health and quality of life for your children, more local community interaction, and support for sustainable local economies, then sign the Living Streets ‘100 days of new government’ pledge to take your views to the decision makers at No. 10. Read more here, and make your pledge here.

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