In town without my car day


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In town without my car day

Posted 3 August 2010 11:48 by martin


The “In town without my car day” is held every year on the 22nd September, as part of the European Mobility Week, which is an awareness raising campaign aiming at encouraging the use of public transport, and promoting cycling and walking.

The overall aim of the campaign is to encourage public awareness of the need to act against pollution caused by the increase in motorised traffic in the urban environment. It highlights that it's not just a question of fighting atmospheric pollution or noise but also of improving the quality of urban life.

So why don't you join in and leave your car at home on 22nd September and walk, cycle or use public transport instead. There'll be no sitting in traffic jams, fighting for the last parking space, or congestion charges to deal with. And it will give you more time to read a book, grab the papers, or catch up on those podcasts you downloaded months ago and have yet to listen to. If you walk or cycle, you'll also have slotted some exercise into your daily routine without much effort at all.

There are groups in a couple of our cities that are supporting “In town without my car day” including Birmingham Friends of the Earth and Sheffield Is My Planet. If you're in one of our other cities, and you're supporting the event, please let us know, and we'll give you a shout out on the blog as well.

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