Check out our first product review – Skecher’s Shape-ups


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Check out our first product review - Skecher's Shape-ups

Posted 25 August 2010 13:07 by martin

I’ve been intrigued by Shape-ups for a while, as Skechers make a lot of claims about the benefits of wearing them, but I've never quite got round to giving them a go. So I thought I’d take up the offer to test and review a pair for

When I got them out of the box I was surprised by their appearance, as the sole is very deep and unusually shaped. Aside from that, the trainers are fairly attractive: not necessarily the style I’d go for personally, but they’re not too dissimilar to a lot of sports shoes out there.

But more importantly than how they look, how do they feel? Admittedly, a little unusual at first, and you can definitely feel the difference in weight distribution on the soles of your feet. But despite this initial unfamiliarity, they are extremely comfortable and easy to get used to. My journey to work is an hour or so, and the trainers made for a very comfortable journey; they didn’t rub or pinch at all, and took no breaking in.

Skechers make a lot of claims about the health benefits of the shoes, including proof from clinical trials. But I guess the real test is whether they actually work for you or not. If you’re interested, here’s the “science” behind their claims.

“The goal of Shape-ups is to simulate walking on soft ground, as walking on softer uneven surfaces forces the wearer to engage muscles that are not normally used when walking on hard ground. Shape-ups simulate walking on soft ground by including a dynamic rolling bottom, a soft foam insert under the heel (a kinetic wedge), and a dual density mid-sole.”

Skechers state that this design means that wearing Shape-ups will result in better posture, firmer buttock, calf and abdominal muscles, improved blood circulation and reduced cellulite. So, pretty much all the benefits gained from walking anyway…..

I think Skecher’s claim that you can get fit without stepping foot in a gym is a slight over-exaggeration. They may tone up legs slightly, but I wouldn’t recommend planning an entire fitness or weight loss programme around them. If you walk a lot, then as long as you’re wearing suitable footwear, you will be receiving many health benefits anyway.

Walking can protect you against cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, whilst also improving mental heath and well being. If you want to know more, have a look at our Walking for Health page.

I’m yet to notice any substantial difference since getting Shape-ups, but that may be due to the fact that I simply haven’t worn them enough yet. But if you like the style of the trainers, they’re a pretty comfortable wear, regardless of whether they further increase the health benefits of walking or not.

If you want to give them a go yourself, you can get them here.

Tell us below if you’ve tried them out yourself, or if you’ve already found your perfect walking footwear.

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  1. Victoria says:

    August 26th, 2010 at 11:36 am (#)

    I've had a pair of Shape Ups for several months now. While the claim of toning your legs may be over exaggerated, they are definitely the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn. So they are great for walking, as you won't experience any blisters or sore feet!

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