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mywalkit+ review

Posted 27 July 2010 11:44 by martin

Even though I wasn’t feeling particularly energetic this morning, I found myself powering through and completing the 3.5 mile walk to work, rather than hopping on the bus half way. This was because I knew I’d be satisfied once I arrived at work, and could enter the whole journey into my mywalkit+ account, and watch the bar on my graph shoot up. Although I walk a lot anyway, I’ve found mywalkit+ to be a good motivation for me – the days where I’ve been a bit lazy stand out a mile when I view the graph of my week. A visual representation of what you’ve achieved each day is often more powerful that simply knowing the figures.

Plus, I still know how long my journey is going to take on those days where I’m still a little sleepy in the mornings and trundling along (rather than power walking) because I’ve entered my own personalised walking speeds into my account. I’ve got my normal walking pace saved, plus ‘strolling’ and ‘in a rush’, giving me a better estimate of my journey time.

Walking speeds

Depending on what floats your boat and keeps you going, mywalkit+ can also tell you the carbon saving you’ve made over the week by avoiding your car or public transport, or tell you how many calories you’ve burned off. If losing weight is your main motivation for getting walking, you can also log your weight and subsequent weight losses week by week as you go along.

So if you have good intentions on a Monday morning, that tend to have faded somewhat by the end of the week, then maybe signing up to mywalkit+ can keep you motivated. And if you get your friends to sign up too, then maybe a bit of friendly competition will aid your motivation! You can shout about your achievements by posting your mileage to facebook and twitter.

So let us know if you’re signed up, and whether you have any feedback for us. And if you're not signed up yet, at just £1.50 per month, why not give it a go!

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