Help people walk to your location using the new widgets


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Help people walk to your location using the new widgets

Posted 19 July 2010 11:36 by martin

Got a 'how to find us' section of your website? Running an event and want to help people get there on foot?

Our new 'link to us' widgets and links, that come in all shapes and sizes, are here to help.

You can generate your own here:

Below are some examples:

If the Queen wanted to help people walk to Buck Pal, she could use this:

or if she didn't have space on her website for a widget, she could just use a text link:

Find out how to walk to Buckingham Palace

Or she might prefer to be left in peace, and help people get walking directions away from Buck Pal, using this:

or this:

Find out how to walk from Buckingham Palace to another location

She may want to encourage her staff to take a healthy lunchtime walk, using this:

or this:

Do a circular walk from 'Buckingham Palace' at pace 4.0 mph (fast) for 1 hour

She may wish to encourage Dave to walk to their weekly meetings by sending him the walking route:

Walking directions from Downing Street to Buckingham Palace

Or she might think she'd just like to upload a mini route planner for the royal website:

So there you go – a variety of widgets and links, from 120 to 300 pixels wide, for all your urban walking needs.

Visit to generate your own versions.

Do let us know how you get on.

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