Introducing mywalkit


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Introducing mywalkit

Posted 10 June 2010 11:04 by martin


We receive a lot of useful feedback from our users, with many suggestions of how we could improve what we do, and extra features and information that you would like to see added. A lot of the time, it's about making the service more personal to you, and with the launch of mywalkit and mywalkit+ we're pretty confident that we've done just that.

By signing up to mywalkit, you create a personal profile, thus allowing us to provide you with more accurate information. For example, we can calculate your stride length to give you a more precise step count. Tell us your weight and gender and we can give you better calorie burn statistics. Define your walking pace, so that we can calculate more accurate journey times. Maybe you walk faster on your way to work than on a leisurely stroll around the park, or maybe you use walkit to plan your jogging or running routes. If you sign up to mywalkit+, you can save three speeds for different circumstances, allowing us to generate calorie burn information for each type of journey. And if you use our circular walks feature, you will be able to get more accurate timed routes, dependant on what pace you're going.

We also know that there are both modern metric types out there, and good old imperial ones, so mywalkit gives you the choice to see your results in miles or kilometres.

And for those of you wanting to go one step further and keep a record of your walking, be it for health reasons, or recording your carbon savings, then mywalkit+ is definitely for you. For just £1.50 per month (or £15 per year), your mywalkit+ account will bank all of your completed routes in order to build up a record of your achievements. See the distance or number of steps you've clocked up over a week, month or year. Record the carbon you've saved by choosing your feet over other transport. If you're preparing for a walking or running event, you can easily keeps tabs on your achievements as your training progresses. We can even track your weight loss, if this is your personal motivation for walking or jogging.

So head over to the new mywalkit page now to see for yourself how it all works, and start to make walking a whole lot more personal!

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