Why is walkit.com looking a little different?


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Why is walkit.com looking a little different?

Posted 2 February 2010 12:06 by martin

We've been busy working behind the scenes on a new release of the site, and we hope you like the results.

It's not transformatory stuff in terms of appearance, but there's been a lot of tinkering around in the 'back end'.  Managing and editing content on the site is now controlled by a much more user-friendly Content Management System, therefore giving us the flexibility to change content on an ongoing basis.

One of the more visible changes concerns the 'stat dock' – our slightly nerdy term for the panel of journey-related statistics associated with each map.  Not everyone was a fan of the semi-transparent version, so we hope you find it clearer now.

New stat dock

Some other things to note on the stat dock:
  • Facebook button – Planning a meet-up with friends?  Help them get there by posting a walkit.com route map to your Facebook news feed.
  • Walk here often? –  No, not a dating service for walkers (but maybe we should be working on that…), but a reminder that you can 'Set as your home city' any given walkit.com area.  This will become your default town/city when you visit the site, and means you don't have to select it from the drop-down menu every time you generate a route.
  • Link – We've added in a 'tinyurl' to make it easier to cut and past a route map URL into an email.
  • No tubes outside London! – this (understandably) annoyed non-Londoners; so we've now replaced it with a train CO2 factor, or specific light rail/metro/subway, as appropriate.  We've used the most up-to-date CO2 conversion factors from Defra.
We've also spruced up our FAQ a little – please let us know if there is anything else you think we should add in there.  And on our maps, we've changed the start/end journey icons to a simpler A/B (we're radicals at heart).

New icons

Finally you'll notice the books 'widget' changing more regularly.  Get in touch if there are any books that you think would be particularly fitting for our walking-cum-urban-cum-green-cum-healthy-cum-curious sort of ethos.

And more will be revealed over the coming weeks…

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