Stay healthy, save time, use the (bleedin’) stairs


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Stay healthy, save time, use the (bleedin') stairs

Posted 17 February 2010 17:52 by martin

And you could add 'save carbon' to that list too.

It's a simple message, and Adrian Davies' enlightening (and burgeoning) series of 'essential evidence' papers over on Bristol City Council's website shows that it's a message that can work too.

While isn't about indoor walking, we're always keen to learn from others what messages can be used to trigger changes in behaviour – effort, cost, eco-virtue, health, 'pleasantness', time etc.

Adrian points to evidence that a simple poster at the bottom of an escalator can have a measurable impact on the number of people who opt for the stairs instead, even doubling it. And of course taking the stairs is something you can fit into your everyday routine.

One study showed that men and boys were more likely to use the stairs than women and girls (what lies behind that – shoes, clothing, women more likely to be with children/carrying shopping, some kind of machismo thing….??).

Of course humour and music might also work as triggers to change behaviour, which just gives me an excuse to once again link to two of my favourite vids:

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