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‘Upcycle’ your old shoes

28 February 2010 by martin 3 comments

We were contacted the other day by Dominique Mitchell, a Masters Student at Plymouth College of Art. Dominique and her fellow students were conducting a carbon reduction survey, and at the same time trying to raise awareness of the benefits […]

km walked per year

The Department for Transport and Department of Health (why is one 'for' and the other 'of'?!) in England have just published a new Active Travel Strategy, which claims to put “walking and cycling at the heart of our transport and […]

Stay healthy, save time, use the (bleedin’) stairs

And you could add 'save carbon' to that list too. It's a simple message, and Adrian Davies' enlightening (and burgeoning) series of 'essential evidence' papers over on Bristol City Council's website shows that it's a message that can work too. […]

Next generation Hollywood stars in walkit.com video

We were delighted to be contacted by Akhil Kanukuntla recently – he's a 15 years old Creative and Media Diploma student from East London. He's been part of a project to raise awareness of global warming and inform everyone how […]

New icons

We've been busy working behind the scenes on a new release of the site, and we hope you like the results. It's not transformatory stuff in terms of appearance, but there's been a lot of tinkering around in the 'back […]

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