It’s European Mobility Week (huh?)


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It's European Mobility Week (huh?)

Posted 17 September 2009 12:34 by martin

European Mobility Week logo

Hands up if you knew it was on?

According  to (“for a world of sustainable transportation”):

“From 16 to 22 September 2009 the [sic] European cities and towns will have the opportunity to participate to [sic] the most widespread event on sustainable mobility, the European Mobility Week.”

(Don't explore their website for too long – it'll drive you mad; a typical Euro-mush site that tries to be everything and succeeds in being nothing).

The week evolved out of the 'In Town Without My Car' campaign (always held on September 22) which encouraged local authorities to close a street or two for a day and hold an event to help motivate people to walk, bike or take public transport.

But apart from some valiant efforts by individual local authorities, the whole initiative is a bit of a damp squib.  It hasn't caught the public imagination, certainly not at a national level.

There really need to be some big, bold and brave ideas to relaunch the whole concept.  Lord Adonis, city council chiefs, some PR/comms gurus, reps from bike shops and manufacturers, a few media chiefs and maybe even some supermarket bosses – lock them in a room together for a few hours and task them with coming up with a compelling, exciting, national event for 2010.

And then they all need to get behind it, big time.

And certainly don't badge it 'In Town Without My Car' or 'European Mobility Week'.  How about 'Streets Alive', or 'Streets Ahead' day?

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