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Coventry and Sunderland launches

Coventry and Sunderland launches

28 August 2009 by martin 0 comments

We hope you may have noticed our launches in both Coventry and Sunderland. Please pass on details to anyone you know who lives or works there (or visits). Try out a few walks: Sunderland Southwick to Royal Sunderland Hospital St […]

Left, right, left, right – what is the politics of urban walking?

Are the users of walkit.com predominantly a bunch of Guardian-reading liberal lefties?  Or perhaps they're Mail-reading neocons? We could hazard a guess, but maybe unwise to jump to conclusions.  The beauty of urban walking is that nearly all of us […]

London tube too hot to handle?

London tube too hot to handle?

24 August 2009 by martin 0 comments

Transport for London has released this 'heat' map of Underground lines in zones one and two between 1600 and 1900 on 28/29 July 2008 – the hottest day of the year. So on parts of the Central, Bakerloo and Victoria […]

‘Touching the stairs’

‘Touching the stairs’

19 August 2009 by martin 1 comments

Thought this was rather inspired. From the people at Green Thing. On those rare occasions when you can't face walking outside, give it a go inside. Makes our attempt at a promotional video (from quite a while back, in our […]

Why are we running a car ad?!

Why are we running a car ad?!

13 August 2009 by martin 5 comments

You may have noticed we're running some ads for the Toyota Prius. Hardly a Hummer, but questionable for walkit.com to be running a car ad at all (even for a Toyota 'Pious'…)? Quite a while ago we sparked a bit […]

walkit.com recommended by Rough Guides

We have been specially recommended in the new Rough Guides book Clean Breaks: 500 New Ways to See the World. The book highlights “500 places across the globe which will inspire people to see the world in a new light, […]

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